Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka to be Released Soon; Nendoroid Yoshino is Next in Line

Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka

It seems that Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka will be released shortly, or to be exact, December 5th, as Kahotan posted a review of the production sample for this lovely Nendoroid from the Date A Live series.

Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka

That is how the package content looks like. Too bad she does not get optional legs. XD

Anyway, there is one more interesting thing revealed in Kahotan’s post.

“I… I’m not Yoshinon. I’m Yoshino. Yoshinon is my best friend.”

Oh … that voice! Is she the next Nendoroid in line from Date A Live series?

Nendoroid Yoshino

Yes, according to Kahotan, Nendoroid Yoshino is already making her way into the production process. Ah … I cannot wait to see how the completely colored version will look like! She must be super cute! XD

via Kahotan’s blog

Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka is Previewed by Kahotan

Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka

Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka from Date A Live has been available for pre-order since a few days ago, so what’s left for us is to get the close-up inspection, or otherwise known as the “preview”. XD

Kahotan mentioned that Nendoroid Tohka can be displayed in all sorts of different ways, ranging from cute poses to combat poses. Shuu-chan from the Planning Team also gets “interviewed” by Kahotan to help her describe the good stuff about this lovely Nendoroid.

Kindly visit the source page below for more close-up shots of the valiant heroine.

via Mikatan’s / Kahotan’s blog

Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka

The first wave of post-WonFes Nendoroid announcement has already started, with the Colossal Titan leading the campaign. XD

Anyway, one of the spotlight in the WonFes, Nendoroid Yatogami Tohka from Date A Live is now available for pre-order.

The Melek ‘Princess’, clad in purple armor.
From the popular light novel and anime series ‘Date A Live’ comes a Nendoroid of the main character, Tohka Yatogami! She is wearing her beautiful Astral Dress and also comes with her broadsword, ‘Sandalphon’ – both of which make use of transparent parts. She comes with three expressions including her standard expression, a shouting expression and an embarrassed expression.

Other optional parts include slashing effect parts and shooting effect parts to help you recreate your favorite combat scenes from the series. A selection panel like those seen in dating sims is also included for some extra fun!

This cute and beautiful princess will be released on December, bearing the price tag of 3800 Yen.

via GSC