Battle of the Toys 2013

Battle of the Toys is one of famous Toys Event in Jakarta, organized by SACCA. And now, again, Nendonesia is participating in this event.

Flyer BOTT 2013

And, we’ll also having an On The Spot Photo Contest too!

We still working on the detail regarding this Contest, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is the Layout Plan.
Nendonesia is located at C12
BOTT 2013 - Layout Plan with logo

Okaaaay…. may be this map is too small -_-
From Lego booth, just go up passing the alley. Crossing between A24 and A25, you will not miss it.

This is a two days event, 19-20 October 2013. So, don’t forget to visit our booth, and have fun.

Of course, please prepare your wallet. If you’re not zipping it firmly, your money might fly like a pack of migrating birds 😀

Unless, you really want to “let it loose and have a blast” 🙂

See you there!

The 5th ToyzMania 2012

The main banner

One of the biggest toys event in Jakarta is going to be held again by the end of 2012. Dubbed as The 5th ToyzMania 2012, this event is obviously targeted to the figure collectors, fans, and communities. It will be held on December 1st – 2nd at POINS Square, Lantai FC, Pondok Indah, Lebak Bulus.

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Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012

Banner for AFA Indonesia 2012

Banner for AFA Indonesia 2012

Note: This post is not (directly) related to Nendoroid, so if you are looking for one, then kindly skip this post. XD

Rejoice, fans of Japanese culture in Indonesia, as Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2012 will also be held in Indonesia. Yes, the first ever AFA Indonesia will be held in Jakarta on September 1-2! ^^

Here is the announcement tweet, announced from the official Twitter account of AFA Indonesia:

That said, we are still waiting for further announcement regarding the exact venue, ticketing details, and programs rundown.

Meanwhile, the popular blogger and Culture Japan owner Danny Choo mentioned that he will also come to the event. I do also hope that GSC open a booth there. XD

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian – especially those who live in Indonesia? Are you excited? ^^

via Twitter and Culture Japan

Event – Toys Attack 8

The banner

The banner

Another Toy’s Fair? Well to be honest I felt surprised too! I mean, there isn’t even a month before the last toy’s fair! (the last one is the small one though, but still being organized by same group!)

This fair will be held at Citywalk Sudirman from 9th May – 15th May

No further info is available right now, apart from Blacklist Toys, Diabolique Toys, and Multi Toys will participate in it, but I’ll update the list when there’s an update ^^

Via NeoKG

Event – Multi ToyFair 2011 Surabaya

The banner

The banner

It is pretty rare to see a toys event being held on the first quarter of the year … especially in Surabaya! Yep, Multi Toys, one of the largest toys store in Surabaya are holding Multi ToyFair 2011 at Grand City on February 21 – 27. Whoa … this event are almost one-week long, instead of merely 2-3 days as the previous event! (≧∇≦)/

Go past the break for more details of the toys event. ^^

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Nendonesia’s First Gathering in Surabaya – December 12, 2010

Nendonesia Nendoroid family

Nendonesia Nendoroid family

Note: Thanks to KairiZero, Xinq’G, and iBlaze, for providing the photos for our first gathering’s report ^^

December 12, 2010 would be marked as a special day for Nendonesian, especially who lives in Surabaya as we held our first ever Nendonesia gathering at Grand City Mall, Surabaya. We are really proud to be able to hold our first gathering six months after the birth of Nendonesia back then in July 4, 2010 (it was initially named Animaster Talks Nendoroid). (≧∇≦)/

Anyway, before we go through the gallery of our gathering photos, I would like to tell you a few stuff regarding Nendonesia’s site statistics. Let’s go past the break, Nendonesian! ^^

UPDATE: Fixed the broken image links

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Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010 – Day 2

Atmosphere of the expo at noon

Atmosphere of the expo at noon

Before I begin today’s report on the 2nd day of Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010, I want to thank KairiZero for providing the photos to be included in this post. m(_ _)m <(thanks a lot, KairiZero!)

Well, if I were to say three words to summarize the whole event for today, then it would be “crowded“, “cosplay“, and “venomous“. Yep, today is surely packed with cosplayers, customers, and hobbyists from Surabaya and other cities, not counting the drooling and venomous Nendoroid available in the shops. OK, without further ado, let’s see today’s expo in … photos, after the break.

UPDATE: The broken links in images have been fixed.

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Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010 – Day 1

Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010

Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010

The first day of Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010, Surabaya’s one and only toys event for this year is finally over. Unsurprisingly, it was pretty crowded with mostly figure-collectors hunting their figures/figurines of interests. ^^

I met a couple of Nendonesian there, such as rendoroid and Mr. Stephen. I heard that some Nendonesian from Nendonesia’s Facebook were also coming there, such as yozz00 and a few others, but unfortunately I did not meet any of them. ^^;

Anyway, I got a few photos to share with you, Nendonesian. There are only two stores here that sell Nendoroid, but their selection is awesome! See the photos after the break.

Note: The first two photos below are from Divine & Infernals x rendoroid shoppe and the next set is from Wajuwa Toys.

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Event – Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010 (Surabaya)

Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010

Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010

Capsule Corporation, one of the biggest toys store in Surabaya, will held a toys event titled “Capsule Corp: Toy Expo 2010“. It will be held on December 10-12 at Grand City Mall, Surabaya. What are the programmes? Which stores will take part on this event?

UPDATE: Official Facebook page of this event.

UPDATE 2: A few changes in floor plan and participant stores; Nendonesia gathering date. ^^

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