Nendoroid Mayushii Sample Preview by Mikatan

Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri (Mayushii) with her Metal Oopa

Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri (Mayushii) with her Metal Oopa

The production sample of Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri has arrived on Mikatan’s desk … and that means she is getting a preview! Yup, one of the heroine from Steins;Gate gets a plenty of photos there, including the container and various pose of her holding the included accessories. Kindly see more of her pics at Mikatan’s blog. ^^

Anyway, Nendoroid Mayushii is scheduled for release tomorrow at Japan, so expect yours to arrive soon as well. XD

Via Mikatan’s blog


Nendoroid Mayushi and Kurisu Support version are Announced

Nendoroid Mayuri Shiina and Makise Kurisu Support version

Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri and Makise Kurisu Support version

… and  just when you thought that the Nendoroid nightmare terror announcement is over (momentarily) … well, GSC has another surprise for you: Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri and Makise Kurisu Support version as part of their Cheerful JAPAN project. (> . <)/

The heroine duo from Steins;Gate appear in cheerleader outfit, complete with their pompoms and cheering megaphone. Besides, they also come with a brand new expressions. Check the pics after the break. ^^

UPDATE: English version of Mikatan’s blog post link

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Nendoroid Makise Kurisu is Re-released!

Nendoroid Makise Kurisu

Nendoroid Makise Kurisu

The Nendoroid rendetion of Steins;Gate heroine, Nendoroid Makise Kurisu is going to be released (again) tomorrow in Japan. She is being re-released to accompany Nendoroid Mayuri Shiina which is also going to be released this month (or next week, to be precise). Yep, for you who missed the first release and already secured the reservation for this re-sale version, well, expect to get an invoice soon. ^^

Anyway … yep, that’s Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version beside Kurisu. She is also due to be released this month. ^^

Nendoroid Release Schedule for September 2011 (Updated)

Nendoroid Mayuri Shiina

Nendoroid Mayuri Shiina

Tuturu~ It’s Mayushi desu! How are you today, minna-san!? ^^

Anyway, I am going to announce some release dates of Nendoroid scheduled for September 2011 release. The first Nendoroid to be released this month is Kurisu-chan, and then the Nendoroid rendetion of myself is scheduled for release afterwards. Yay! It’s double Steins;Gate Nendoroid release! ^^

  • Nendoroid Makise KurisuSeptember 7 (re-sale)
  • Nendoroid Mayuri ShiinaSeptember 15
  • Nendoroid PrinceSeptember 28
  • Nendoroid Kawashima MinamiSeptember 28
  • Nendoroid Gumako – September 29
  • Nendoroid Tainaka RitsuOctober (re-sale)

Well, that’s all of this month’s Nendoroid release dates. See you again next time, minna-san! Tuturu~

Note: Sorry about that, Nendonesian. It seems that Mayushi has somehow hijacked the blog earlier. (Daru, was that your work?) Fortunately, it seems that she has done a good job posting the info, so I don’t think I need to time-leap to undo it, do I? XD

Via GSC (link #1, link #2, link #3)

Feyris Nyan Nyan is The Latest Steins;Gate Cast to Join Nendoroid Army

Nendoroid Feyris Nyan Nyan's design

Nendoroid Feyris Nyan Nyan's design

Do you think your Nendoroid nightmare terror assault stream of info has ended? Well … sorry to dissapoint you, but there are still a few Nendoroid info to be shared, courtesy of the post-WonFes talk show held by GSC and company. ^^

The Nendoroid rendetion of twin-tail neko-maid cosplayer Feyris Nyan Nyan from Steins;Gate will soon join Makise Kurisu and Mayuri Shiina. Yep, her design has just been revealed a moment ago, in the live broadcast of post-WonFes talk show. No clue about release date and pricing have been revealed yet.

Any thought, Nendonesian? ^^

(Thanks for the tip, Pharias! Pic courtesy of jiejie.)


Web Pre-Order Nendoroid from Winter WonFes 2011 are Released

Nendoroid Makise Kurisu: White Coat version and Nendoroid Petit Mato & Yomi set

Nendoroid Makise Kurisu: White Coat version and Nendoroid Petit Mato & Yomi set

As scheduled, the web pre-ordered Nendoroid from February’s WonFes (except Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Playtime Edition) have been released as of today. Yep, Nendoroid Makise Kurisu: White Coat version and Nendoroid Petit Mato-Yomi set are going to be delivered to your desk soon, Nendonesian. ^^

Release Info for Miku Support and Winter WonFes Nendoroid

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Support version

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Support version

GSC has just posted an update regarding the release dates for some Nendoroid from web pre-order of February’s WonFes as well as the Japan pre-order Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Support version. Here you go:

Our June’s release schedule has been updated as well. So … what do you think about the release dates, Nendonesian? Does Snow Miku’s slightly delayed release turn you down? ^^;

Via GSC (link 1, link 2)