The Winner of Mini Photo Challenge for Nendonesia’s Header and Cover Pics

Blog header pic

Well then, the mini photo challenge is finally over as we have closed the poll for the finalists on the day before yesterday. And today we have updated both the blog header pic and Facebook cover pic with the winning photo, as promised. XD

As you have known, the finalist with most votes is “Wafu~” photo by Yuu, featuring the lovely Kud from Little Busters!. The runner up goes to nikicorny‘s “The Secret Garden” by a narrow margin (2%). Congratulations!

Facebook cover pic

Well, did you like it, Nendonesian? What do you think? ^^


Mini Photo Challenge for Nendonesia’s Header and Cover Pics

Nendonesia FB Page

I guess it is time to update our beloved Nendonesia’s blog header pic as well as the Facebook cover photo. It’s new year already, after all. XD

Well, instead of changing the photos on our own, this time we would like to ask for your help to decide the suitable images for those sections in a mini photo challenge!

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Nendoroid Planet Photo Contest

Nendoroid Planet's photocon banner

Nendoroid Planet's photocon banner

If you recall our review of the iOS app Nendoroid Planet a few months ago, there is a section titled “The MUSEUM” with 2 sub-section: “Catalog” and “3D Models“. In 3D Models, we can view the 3D-rendered models of a few Nendoroid. Beside zooming and rotating, we can also take photos of the 3D Nendoroid with our environment as the photo background.

Yep, this capability is now being featured as a photo contest. The main rules is simple: submit one photo of 3D-rendered Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter or Nendoroid Dead Master, taken with Nendoroid Planet app. The submission has been started on August 31 and will end on September 22. The prize for best photo submission is a BRS illustration made and signed by huke, plus a signature of Sakamoto Maaya! The winner will also get a copy of PSP game Black Rock Shooter: The GAME. Wooot! (o . o)/

The bad news is … well, the contest is only applicable for Japan citizen. That’s it – international participants are not eligible to participate in the photocon. Awww … (-_-“)

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog and Nendoroid Planet

Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 – The Winners!

Entries of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2

Entries of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2

We have concluded the scoring phase for Final Round of Nendonesia Photo Contest #2. Therefore, we have updated the Gallery page with the entries from this photocon. You might also want to take a look at the Flickr album for better browsing experience.

Well then … which entries win this photocon? Kindly scroll past the break to find out. ^^

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Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 – The Finalists

A collage of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2's entries

A collage of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2's entries

Firstly we would like to apologize for the delay of the Nendonesia PhotoCon #2‘s finalists announcement. It was initially planned for Monday, and then got pushed into Wednesday (or Thursday on GMT+7).

Well then, the top 10 entries have been chosen out of 77 participating photo entries in the Qualifying Round. For any of you whose entries did not make it into the Final Round … well, don’t let it make you down. You may participate again in our next photocon. ^^

In any case, kindly scroll past the break to view Top 10 Finalists of Nendonesia PhotoCon #2. ^^

Update: Comment section is closed for some reason.
Anyway, for you who feel that some entries do not appear to qualify as finalists, well, we could only say that the photo theme and concept weights much more than technical aspects of the entries. The reason behind this score weighting is related to the camera – which is a mere mobile phone camera, not a full fledged DSLR. That’s it! ^^

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Nendonesia Photo Contest #2 – Scoring Phase

Nendonesia PhotoCon #2's entries

Nendonesia PhotoCon #2's entries

First, we want to say thank you for your participation in Nendonesia Photo Contest #2. We have received many entries internationally, despite all of the restriction in the submission. Thank you for your enthusiasm, Nendonesian!! ^^

Anyway, now that we have closed the entry submission period, we are getting into the scoring phase. There will be two rounds to determine the winners: Qualitfying and Final Round.

In the Qualifying Round, we will have the judges put scores on your photos based on some criteria. Top 10 entries will be picked and they will qualify into the Final Round. This round is expected to finish by next week. ^^

In the Final Round, we will ask for your help, Nendonesian, to choose the winning photos. We will post the qualifying top 10 entries onto either (or both) our Facebook page and DeviantArt group. There, you will be able to cast your votes (# of likes for Facebook and # of favorites for DeviantArt) for the finalists. The judges will cast their votes to some of the finalists as well. Yes, the final scoring will be determined by the judges and you, Nendonesian. ^^

Well then, I guess that is all about the scoring phase for Nendonesia Photo Contest #2. May the best photos win! ^^

Nendonesia Photo Contest #2

In order to celebrate Nendonesia’s 1st Anniversary, Nendonesia and rendoroid-shoppe are holding a photo contest, dubbed Nendonesia Photo Contest #2.

Only mobile phone cameras are allowed

Only mobile phone cameras are allowed

Unlike the first photocon, you may only use mobile phone camera to capture Nendo-photo to be submitted for the contest. (D)SLR and pocket camera usage is not allowed.

Besides, this photocon is now open for international Nendonesian – though you might want to check the Terms & Conditions before participating. Anyway, we also have a theme applied for this contest: Spreading Nendo-love to everyone! which is Nendonesia’s official tagline. ^^

Interested to join the contest? Kindly scroll past the break to view further details. ^^

UPDATE 1: Minimum camera resolution restriction has been lifted (see Rules); Further explanation about the Theme has been added.

UPDATE 2: Photo of Nendonesia merchandise set prize and FAQs section has been added.
UPDATE 3: Submission period has been extended to July 31, 23:59.

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