Nendoroid More: Dress-Up Pajamas is Announced

Nendoroid More: Dress-Up Pajamas

There is one more Nendoroid-related product that will make their debut in the upcoming Winter Wonder Festival 2014. Yep, as you might have known, the Nendoroid More: Dress-Up Pajamas have been developed for quite a while, and now the set is finally official and will be debuting at the event!

Line up your favourite characters together! The first Nendoroid Dress Up parts!
The Nendoroid More series was created to make Nendoroids even more enjoyable, and a new addition to the series are ‘Dress Up Pajamas’! The pastel colored set of pajamas can transform your favourite Nendoroids into a cute matching set!
The set includes five different pajamas including aqua and peach colored shirt-type pajamas as well as citrus, lime and charcoal colored tunic-type pajamas. There is also one secret body to look forward to for a total of six to collect! Dress-up your favourite Nendoroids and have a pajama party!

Nendoroid More: Dress-Up Pajamas will be sold in similar way as Nendoroid Petites – you can either get them each for 700 Yen or in a box of six (5 colors + 1 secret) for 4200 Yen.

Anyway, this set is listed as an event pre-sale item, which means that it will also be available for pre-order soon … hopefully so. XD

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Preview of Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses

Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses

When I ask some Nendoroid collectors this question:

“Why did you get this Nendoroid?”
“For what reason did you get that Nendoroid?”

One of the common answers is:

“Because I like the outfit.”
“His/her clothes are so cute!”
“That frilly dress looks really lovely!”

Outfits, clothes, dresses, uniforms – so some collectors are getting Nendoroids solely because the “body” parts looks nice. *cough* Me included *cough* XD

Well, if you are one of those who think of getting Nendoroid Plus Sumomo (which comes bundled with a Nintendo DS game) because you want to get her pajamas, then you can simply wait for the Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses to be released instead.

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