The Wandering Fay 2: Nendonesia Special Edition Photobook Project

The Wandering Fay

You might have known about the first volume of The Wandering Fay photobook – the background, the purpose, everything. Yes, most of them will still apply in The Wandering Fay 2: Nendonesia Special Edition Photobook Project. The only significant factor that set it apart from the first edition is that it is offered as a part of our merchandise reward for the AFAID 2013 Showcase Crowdfunding Project.

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Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2013: Crowdfunding Project

Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2012

Nendonesian, we will need your help again to support us so that we can re-create our dream of participating in the largest Anime Festival in Asia once again!

Similar to last year’s campaign, this time we are going to crowdfund the project. Details are available after the break.

UPDATE: T Shirt is ready!
To all local backer, you will get notification about shipping fee this week. To international backer, your item will be shipped along with other rewards, so please be patient.

UPDATE: Donation period has ended as of September 5th, 2013. Thank you for your donations and support, Nendonesian! See you in AFAID 2013! XD

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Nendonesia Weekly InstaPicks #6

Weekly InstaPicks


We are going to pick ten Nendoroid photos tagged with #nendonesia from Instagram to be featured in the Nendonesia Weekly InstaPicks series, alongside the other series – Nendonesia Weekly Photo Picks.

So why do we separate the InstaPhotos from the rest of our photo channels? Well, because the rate of photo submission from Instagram is extremely high – in fact there are more than 1,000 photos tagged with #nendonesia at the moment, and it keeps increasing everyday. XD

How to get picked?

In order to participate, simply tag your Nendoroid photos with #nendonesia in Instagram. Isn’t it easy? ^^

Oh, and note that we don’t always pick new photos – we will browse through gallery of photos with #nendonesia tag, so if you have tagged some of your photos in the past, that posts might still have the chance to be featured here.

Well then, here are the InstaPicks for this week.

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The Winner of Mini Photo Challenge for Nendonesia’s Header and Cover Pics

Blog header pic

Well then, the mini photo challenge is finally over as we have closed the poll for the finalists on the day before yesterday. And today we have updated both the blog header pic and Facebook cover pic with the winning photo, as promised. XD

As you have known, the finalist with most votes is “Wafu~” photo by Yuu, featuring the lovely Kud from Little Busters!. The runner up goes to nikicorny‘s “The Secret Garden” by a narrow margin (2%). Congratulations!

Facebook cover pic

Well, did you like it, Nendonesian? What do you think? ^^

Mini Photo Challenge for Nendonesia’s Header and Cover Pics

Nendonesia FB Page

I guess it is time to update our beloved Nendonesia’s blog header pic as well as the Facebook cover photo. It’s new year already, after all. XD

Well, instead of changing the photos on our own, this time we would like to ask for your help to decide the suitable images for those sections in a mini photo challenge!

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Nendoroid Car Sticker

Nendoroid on board

Are you a fan of car memes, or someone putting stickers on your car at least? You know, that stuff that says ‘Baby on board’, ‘Doggie on board’, or ‘Alien on board’, that are usually put on the rear side of your car.

Well, now we can let folks know that you have Nendoroid on board, thanks to the creative work of Anthony von Drake – with the help of Pus2meong. Nice! XD

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Nendoroid Showcase @ The 5th ToyzMania 2012

The 5th ToyzMania 2012

The ToyzMania is an annual event focusing on figures, model kits, statues and pretty much any collectible stuff that are classified as … “toys”. As the event name read, the 5th ToyzMania 2012 is the fifth ToyzMania, bringing all stakeholders in the toys industry at Indonesia: the distributors, retailers, fans, as well as the collectors.

Nendonesia was invited to participate in the event, and … there we went to setup our Nendoroid showcase, similar to what we did in the AFAID 2012. XD

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Nendonesia Award 2012: The Nominees (Part 2)

We have prepared a few categories for Nendonesia Award 2012, which picks up the best Nendoroid out of all Nendoroid releases in 2012. Now, we need your help to decide which one of those deserve the awards.

The polls will be closed on January 5th, 2013 (23:59 GMT+7).

Well then, here are the nominees … *drum rolls*

Note: Please visit this post if you are looking for the categories from Part 1.

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