Nendoroid Minami Haruka is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Minami Haruka

The final piece of puzzle for Nendoroid collections from Minamike (Tadaima) is finally announced. Yep, Nendoroid Minami Haruka, the eldest sister of the Minami sisters has been available for pre-order starting today.

The motherly figure who excels at housework!
From ‘Minamike’, the anime with its forth season now airing, as well as a manga that is still being serialized comes the long-awaited Nendoroid of the oldest sister of the Minami household, Haruka Minami! She is posed wearing her school uniform and also comes with her school bag. She also comes with three different expressions including her standard expression, a smiling expression and the ‘realistic’ expression she sometimes showed in the series.

Optional parts include an extra body part wearing an apron, together with a knife and frying pan, allowing you to pose her cooking! Be sure to display Haruka together with Kana and Chiaki to complete the Nendoroid Minami Family!

Similar to Nendoroid Minami Kana, this Nendoroid will also be handled by Gift, scheduled for July release and priced at 3800 Yen.

Anyone looking to get her?

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Nendoroid Minami Kana is Available for Pre-Order;

Nendoroid Minami Kana

Pardon me to make this post separately, although she is available for pre-order at the same time with the other two, but I have to do it as I have been waiting for this Nendoroid for years! XD

*ahem* Anyway, yes, Nendoroid Minami Kana from Minami-ke is finally announced!

The troublemaker of the Minami household!
The 4th season of the Minamike anime is now airing, and the manga is still being serialized and is just as popular as ever! The Nendoroid series of Minamike is also getting bigger, as Kana Minami, the long awaited troublemaker of the Minami household, is also coming to join the Nendoroid family!

She is wearing her school uniform and also includes a school bag, allowing you to display her on her way to school. She also comes with three different expressions – her standard triumphant expression, a smiling expression and even the realistic expression she sometimes shows in the series!

A small kitchen set is also included to help you recreate even more scenes from the series!

The mischevous Kana will be produced by Gift, scheduled for June 2013 and priced at 3800 Yen.

Nendoroids of Minami-ke

Alongside Kana is Nendoroid Minami Chiaki who is also getting a re-release at the same month, and Nendoroid Minami Haruka who will also be announced shortly.

So … are you getting these Nendoroids from Minami family?

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Psst … the sculptor for Nendoroid Minami Kana and Haruka is Yoshio (LAUGH) who, if I am not mistaken, has also made the garage kit of Nendoroid Ayanami Rei. Will we also see her soon? XD

New Nendoroid are Displayed at Comiket 81 (Update: Kokoro, Cordelia, Sasara)

Nendoroid Princess of the Crystal

Nendoroid Princess of the Crystal

Well, what do we have here? Some prototypes and design of upcoming Nendoroid are being shown today at the Comiket 81. First, we got Nendoroid Takakura Himari Princess of the Crystal from the famous anime series Mawaru Penguindrum – I have been expecting it for a while XD I am glad that GSC choose this over Takakura Himari on her normal outfit. ^^ *adding her into my watchlist*

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Nendoroid Charlotte E Yeager and Kobayashi Kamui are Spotted; Minami Sisters are Missing

Nendoroid Charlotte E Yeager

Nendoroid Charlotte E Yeager

Assume that WonFes is an exhibition event for us, figure collectors (read: consumers), then consider this “Hobby Product Maker Summer 2011” an event for the figure manufacturers. The products being displayed here are generally similar to what we have seen at the WonFes, and Nendoroid Charlotte E Yeager is among those WonFes-bound products as well. ^^

Nendoroid Kobayashi Kamui

Nendoroid Kobayashi Kamui

Nendoroid Kobayashi Kamui also made another appearance here. The famous Japanese F1 racer is spotted alongside two helmets, which appears to be the one that has been scaled down to Nendoroid-size for Kamui-san. ^^

Nendoroid Minami Haruka and Kana

Nendoroid Minami Haruka and Kana

Meanwhile, Nendoroid Minami Haruka and Kana from Minami-ke are missing in this exhibition, after being spotted as prototype at the latest WonFes. Gift has commented on the absence of Chiaki’s elder sisters, saying that both Nendoroid are currently getting painting finalization. Wha-!? So are we going to see them as a full-colored Nendoroid soon? ^^

Nendoroid Minami Haruka and Kana Coming Up?

Info boards for Nendoroid from Minami-ke

Info boards for Nendoroid from Minami-ke

Well, what is this? Are we going to see the completion of Minami-ke sisters in Nendoroid rendetion soon? Apparently, Nendoroid Minami Haruka and Nendoroid Minami Kana, which were previously made as a garage kit by LAUGH Company, are going to be made into real Nendoroid by Gift, priced at 3800 Yen each and scheduled to be released this year. Wait, what!? ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

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