Nendoroid Mikudayo is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Mikudayo

One of the creepiest cutest weirdest Nendoroid ever: Nendoroid Mikudayo-, is available for pre-order starting today.

It may not be the real Miku, but she certainly has her own charm!
From ‘Character Vocal Series 01: Hatsune Miku’ comes a Nendoroid of the conspicuous character based on Hatsune Miku, Mikudayo-! Her flappy twin-tails that became popular at events have been faithfully recreated in Nendoroid size, and even move about in the same way as the original costume!

She also comes with optional parts, including some pop candy as a special collaboration extra between Mikudayo- and Fujiya! Enjoy posing Mikudayo- in her most famous poses, or come up with your very own original poses for her!

Yep, it seems that the ‘secret stuff’ mentioned by Mikatan on her preview is … a pop candy. XD

Nendoroid Mikudayo- is scheduled for March 2013, priced at 3000 Yen.

Anyway, this Nendoroid will also be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 5th November 2012 (Mon) from 15:00 until the 5th December 2012 (Wed) at 21:00.

via GSC

*gasp* Nendoroid Miku Dayo is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Miku Dayo

The arguably popular creepy scary weird version of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku, also known as Nendoroid Miku Dayo, is getting a preview by Mikatan. Yep, it means that she will be available for pre-order shortly. Wew … ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

What or who is Miku Dayo, do you ask? Well, here is a quick summary by Mikatan:

(1) Sega made the ‘Project mirai’ game, featuring Nendoroid Vocaloids!
(2) A life-size Nendoroid Miku costume was made to promote the game!
(3) Everyone felt the costume didn’t quite feel like the real Miku!
(4) The costume Miku became her own character, Miku Dayo!
(5) Miku Dayo is made into a Nendoroid, completing the cycle!

That’s right, Miku Dayo is actually a life-size costume based on Nendoroid Hatsune Miku, but the misdesigned face and chubby proportion makes it so weird that it doesn’t quite feel like Miku at all. And now GSC reproduced it in real Nendoroid form, for the better … or worse. ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

Apparently, the chubby Miku will come with ball joints in her shoulders for a wider variety of arm poses compared to normal Nendoroid. She will also bring along some optional parts, which is unfortunately not revealed yet by Mikatan.

Comparison with original Nendoroid Hatsune Miku

In any case, I think this Nendoroid is one of the worst Nendoroid I have ever seen, but that’s just my personal opinion.

What about you, Nendonesian? Are there any of you Miku fans thinking of getting this Nendoroid? XD

via Mikatan’s blog