Nendoroid Petite: Hatsune Miku Selection is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Petite: Hatsune Miku Selection

Yes, we have seen Nendoroid Petite: Hatsune Miku Selection previously at the most recent Winter WonFes and now they are getting a proper preview by Mikatan.

This Petite set consists of:

  • Six main characters, i.e MEIKO, KAITO, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, and Megurine Luka – all in their respective default costumes
  • Three fan-made characters, i.e Kagamine Len: Servant of Evil, Kagamine Rin: Daughter of Evil, and Megurine Luka: Akahitoha
  • Hatsune Miku: Deep Sea Girl
  • Two other characters have not been revealed yet.

Here is how the Deep Sea Girl Miku looks like in her Petite version:

Hatsune Miku: Deep Sea Girl

Mikatan said that she will reveal the remaining characters every Friday though. XD

Anyway, the Petite set will come as either 500 Yen for each Petite, or a box of 12 Petites, priced at around 6000 Yen.

via Mikatan’s blog

Nendoroid MEIKO is Released

Nendoroid MEIKO

Nendoroid MEIKO

As scheduled, Nendoroid MEIKO is finally released to store today (shipped yesterday). With she being released, now we have a complete (official) Nendoroid line from VOCALOID 1 and 2. Yep, her box design matches the box theme from other Nendoroid from VOCALOID – black colored with small white colored grids. XD

I cannot wait to see her meet her fellow VOCALOID buddies here. How about you, Nendonesian? ^^

Nendoroid Release Schedule for December 2011 (Updated)

Nendoroid MEIKO

Nendoroid MEIKO

It feels like time passes away so quickly, doesn’t it? Yep, we are really close to the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. Christmas and New Year party are going to be held in the coming weeks. XD

Anyway, GSC has just posted an initial release dates for their upcoming products due in the last month of 2011. Here are the schedules:

  1. Nendoroid MEIKO – December 6th
  2. Nendoroid Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness) – January 2012 (delayed)
  3. Nendoroid Hercule Barton – December 15th
  4. Nendoroid Tomoe Mami – December 26th
  5. Nendoroid Kagamine Rin: Cheerful version – December 27th January 2012 (delayed)
  6. Nendoroid Kagamine Len: Cheerful version – December 27th January 2012 (delayed)
  7. Anime Style vol.5 with Nendoroid Petit Yamanaka Sawako – TBA

Well, which one are you anticipating the most, Nendonesian? ^^

Via GSC (link #1, link #2)

GSC’s Booth at 2011 MikuPa 39’s Live in Sapporo

Vocaloid goodies at GSC's booth

Vocaloid goodies at GSC's booth

As usual, GSC also setup a booth at 2011 MikuPa 39’s Live in Sapporo, which is supposedly to open today starting 17:00. Various Vocaloid-related goodies are put on sale there, alongside some upcoming Vocaloid figures that are not released yet, including Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Append version, Nendoroid MEIKO, and Nendoroid Rin and Len: Cheerful version.

For the complete listing of what GSC is selling there, kindly visit this page. ^^

Yukiwo Ageta Showed Nendoroid MEIKO’s Prototype

Prototype of Nendoroid MEIKO

Prototype of Nendoroid MEIKO

Nendoroid MEIKO has got a preview photo session by Mikatan and been available for pre-order since last week. Well, now we can take a look at the prototype for the mass-production release version of the adorable Vocaloid Nendoroid, courtesy of her sculptor, Yukiwo Ageta. ^^

The drunk expression

The drunk expression

Have you secured your pre-order of her, Nendonesian? ^^

Nendoroid MEIKO is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid MEIKO

Nendoroid MEIKO

“FINALLY!” That was the first word came across my mind when I see Nendoroid MEIKO displayed back then on last week’s WonFes. I have been waiting for her since the first time I own a Nendoroid from Vocaloid Character series – yes, it was Luka. ^^

… and today Nendoroid MEIKO has been given a preview treatment by Mikatan. Three faceplates, a mic + mic-stand, a liquor can and bottle, a glass, and also a couple of optional body parts. She can also be displayed in sitting-pose! Whoa whoa whoa! (o . O)/

Well then, you can visit Mikatan’s blog to view more pics of this senior Vocaloid. Oh, and her pre-order should be available tomorrow. ^^

Personally, she is an INSTANT-GET for me … Are you getting her as well, Nendonesian? XD

(Thanks for the tip, avalonexa! ^^)

Via Mikatan’s blog

Sakine MEIKO

Sakine Meiko (left) and MEIKO (right)

Sakine Meiko (left) and MEIKO (right)

Actually, both of them are the same person. Sakine Meiko is illustrated as young MEIKO who made music debut at 15. Unlike MEIKO, Sakine Meiko is a little naive and is not addicted to alcohol. ^^;

While MEIKO is an official Vocaloid 2 character, Sakine Meiko is actually made by fans, and officially recognized by Crypton Future Media, the publisher of Character Vocal Series for Vocaloid 2.