Nendoroid Sawako Previewed by Phat Company

Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako

Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako

Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako has been available for pre-order starting yesterday, but we haven’t seen any of her preview, have we? Apparently, Phat! Company has already had her for a quick preview session at their official blog.

Well then, simply go directly to the blog to view more pics (and probably more info) of the Nendoroid rendetion of Kimi ni Todoke‘s main heroines. ^^

Via Phat! Company‘s blog

Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako

Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako

Whoa whoa whoa … who is this Nendoroid? She came out of nowhere and has been available for pre-order starting today! ^^;

*ahem* Well, yep, this is Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke has been announced officially by GSC. Here is the description from the official page:

The shy yet always honest girl.

From the popular manga and anime series ‘Kimi ni Todoke’ comes a Nendoroid of the ever-positive main character from the series, Sawako Kuronuma!

She comes with her standard expression as well as a embarrassed expression perfect to show off her shy personality – plus she comes with two different ‘joke’ faces from the series, both a happy version and a thinking version. Shota Kazehaya’s dog, Maru-chan, is also included, giving you a load of variety to recreate scenes from the series!

Yep, 4 faceplates (including the standard/default one), a dog, and a couple of usual body parts and accessories are included in the package. The Phat Company‘s Nendoroid is scheduled for August release and priced at 3000 Yen.

Personally, I think this Nendoroid … umm … does not look like a Nendoroid. I mean, her expression looks really different compared to the other Nendoroid in general. How about you, Nendonesian? What do you think about Nendoroid Kuronuma Sawako? ^^