Nendoroid Akagi is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Akagi

The second Nendoroid from Kantai Collection ~KanColle~ is finally available. Yep, it’s Nendoroid Akagi!

1st Carrier Divison Akagi, heading out!
From ‘Kantai Collection ~KanColle~’ comes a Nendoroid of the aircraft carrier, Akagi! The ship deck board, radar and mast she carries with her are all included to display by her side. Three aeroplanes are included to display around her to represent her as an aircraft carrier, and special effect parts to display her soaring over water are also included to recreate her evasion animation!
All these parts together allow Akagi to be displayed as the military flagship she is, however she also comes with a huge bowl of rice, a table set and a bucket filled with bauxite to display the more comical side of her as well – just pick the Akagi you prefer!

Bringing plenty of parts and accessories, Nendoroid Akagi is priced at 4500 Yen and scheduled for May 2014 release.

Similar to Nendoroid Shimakaze, you can get some additional stuff – special box and stand base – if you pre-order Nendoroid Akagi from Good Smile Online Shop (Japan only).

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Prototype of Nendoroid Akagi from KanColle is Spotted

Nendoroid Akagi

We have already known that Nendoroid Akagi will be the next Nendoroid from Kantai Collection (a.k.a KanColle) after Nendoroid Shimakaze, and it seems that the Nendoroid production is making progress steadily as the prototype has already been displayed at Good Smile x Karaoke Tetsujin Cafe.

I cannot wait to see what other expressions she will have as well as how she will look like when she has been completely painted. XD

In any case, you can see more pics of her at AkibaHobby.

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Nendoroid Shimakaze are Available for Pre-Order; Akagi is Next In Line

Nendoroid Shimakaze

We have already saw Kahotan’s preview of Kantai Collection‘s Nendoroid Shimakaze last week, and now she has been ready to be pre-ordered!

“I’m first to become a Nendoroid? Of course I am! I’m always the fastest!”
From ‘Kantai Collection ~KanColle~’ comes a Nendoroid of Shimakaze, one of the cutest and fastest battleships you’ll ever see! Shimakaze includes various optional parts including three of the cute ‘Rensouhou-chan’ naval artillery cannons!

Other optional parts include an alternate body to pose her in her ‘half damage’ form, torpedo parts to fire on her enemy and even shooting effect parts for her cute little cannons. Recreate the world of KanColle in cute Nendoroid form!

She will be released on March 2014, bearing the price tag of 4500 Yen.

Oh, and you can also watch the CM for Nendoroid Shimakaze, which also includes an announcement for the next KanColle Nendoroid …

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Nendoroid Shimakaze from KanColle is Previewed by Kahotan

Nendoroid Shimakaze

If I remember correctly, we have already seen her design back then at the WonFes last summer, so I am surprised to see that Nendoroid Shimakaze has been fully painted.

For you who have no idea about her, well, she is one of the (cutest) characters in the recently popular browser game Kantai Collection ~KanColle~.

Anyway, she will have two expressions: normal/determined face and upset/embarrassed one. She will also come with several artilery cannons as well as the necessary effect parts. An alternate body will also be included, showing her “damaged” form. XD

Well, you can visit Kahotan’s blog to view more lovely shots of this cute Nendoroid. Oh, and she will be available for pre-order starting September 30 and scheduled for March 2014 release.

What do you think, Nendonesian? Are you going to pre-order her?

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