Who is Involved in a Nendoroid Release?

Nendoroid for sale at a figure store

Various Nendoroid for sale at a figure store

Note: The topic is originally asked by Lexis from nendOtaku, a Germany-based Nendoroid blog.

If you have been collecting Nendoroid for a while, then you might have noticed that some Nendoroid boxes have another logo(s) beside Good Smile Company (GSC). They can be Max Factory, Phat Company, FREEing, or any other companies’ logo. So … who are they? Isn’t GSC the only one who make Nendoroid?

Well, in order to answer that questions, I am going to write about the parties involved for a Nendoroid release. Note that the explanation is based on my own, personal view. Therefore, it might be inaccurate in some ways or the other, but it should, hopefully, give you a bit of insight into the matter. ^^

Are you ready? Let’s get started! XD

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