Nendoroid More Stands Get Upgraded to Version 1.5

Nendoroid More: Suction Stands 1.5

It has been nearly 8 months since the first generation of Nendoroid More stands are previewed by Mikatan. Within that duration, I am pretty sure that the team behind this project have received enough feedbacks to refine and improve the stands, and now they are going to release it with “Version 1.5” tag.

New colors of the Nendoroid More Suction Stands!

The Nendoroid More: Suction Stands that give you brand new ways to display your Nendoroids are being released in a new 1.5 version! The previous ‘white’, ‘pink’ and ‘mint’ colors are all available as before, but three new colors are now also available – the much-requested ‘crystal clear’, a soft yellow ‘dandelion’ color that suits many characters and a ‘cerulean blue’ color made in the image of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 2.0.

This new version also comes with special attachment parts for characters with longer hair, making it even easier to display your favorite Nendoroids!
Be sure to grab some new Nendoroid More: Clip Stands for your own collection!

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Is This GumaGuma V’s Nendoroid Design!?

GumaGuma V design

GumaGuma V design

The image you see above are posted on Mikatan’s latest blog post announcing new Cheerful JAPAN! product – a scaled figurine of Gumako made by ALTER. As you can see at the bottom of the image, the team is called GumaGuma V (read: GumaGuma Five) – reminds me of the Japanese sentai series. XD

Well, do you think GSC will be releasing those five as Nendoroid? Which one do you like the most? ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog (Japanese, English)

GSC x Comi-Po! Manga Contest

Banner for the manga contest

Banner for the manga contest

In order to celebrate the release of Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version, GSC teams up with Comi-Po! for a Manga Contest. Here is the official description of the contest: (taken from Mikatan’s blog)

Comi-Po! Manga Contest

Comi-Po! is hosting a manga contest in commemoration of the release of Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful ver!
All you have to do is make a manga that features a photo of your Gumako imported into a manga panel!

You can even make a manga that also features the 3D characters like Comipo-chan as well. There is even a special free version of Comi-po that you can download and use for the contest! The winning entry will receive a prize, so join in the fun!

In other words, you have to make a manga which contain Nendoroid Gumako using the provided app, Comi-Po! A special free version of the app is also provided to be used for this contest. ^^

Kindly visit Mikatan’s blog to view more details regarding the contest – which will be running until October 31. ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog and Comi-Po! official website (link #1, link #2)

Nendoroid Gumako will be Released Tomorrow!

Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version

Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version

Nendoroid Gumako was initially started as an April fool joke by GSC, back then in 2008. Well, now she finally comes into reality as Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version as part of both GSC’ 10th anniversary and Cheerful JAPAN! campaign. ^^

Without further ado, kindly go to Mikatan’s blog to view more pics of this adorable Nendoroid rendetion of Good Smile Company’s mascot. Are you ready to play wait for her? XD

Via Mikatan’s blog

Nendoroid Gumako, Minami and Prince Get Release Dates; Ritsu is Delayed

Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version

Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version

We have already got preview, pre-order, rumor, as well as a glimpse of Cheerful JAPAN!‘s Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version‘s packaging. What’s left is to wait for her release … which is planned on the end of this month. Yep, the GSC mascot is scheduled for September 29 release for Japanese folks – international customers will have to wait until next month to have her arrive on their respective desks. ^^

Meanwhile, both Nendoroid Kawashima Minami from Moshidora and Nendoroid Prince from Level E will see their release on September 28. On the delay side, K-ON! famous drummer, Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu‘s release is postponed until next month (October). ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

For the complete list of Nendoroid release date on September, kindly see this post. ^^

Via GSC (link #1, link #2)

Nendoroid Gumako’s Box is Revealed

Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version

Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version

As we have known, the 2nd Nendoroid from Cheerful JAPAN project – Nendoroid Gumako: Cheerful version is scheduled for September release in Japan (or October for international shipment). Naturally, GSC has already received the production samples of the GSC mascot’s Nendoroid rendetion by now, and president Aki has just posted a pic of Gumako’s box. XD

As expected, the #200 Nendoroid box is filled with a lot of smiles there. Yep, aside from being part of Cheerful JAPAN project, the Nendoroid is made to celebrate GSC’s 10th anniversary. ^^

Now I cannot wait to play with the adorable Nendoroid, which is also in my wishlist for a while. What about you, Nendonesian? ^^

Berserker is Included in Petit Fate/Stay Night Extension Set; Nendoroid Gumako’s Container Revealed

Nendoroid Petit Fate/Stay Night Extension Set

Nendoroid Petit Fate/Stay Night Extension Set

GSC has officially confirmed that Berserker will be joining Saber Alter, Archer, Lancer, and Caster in the Nendoroid Petit Fate/Stay Night Extension Set. Yes, that would make him the largest Petit ever – and we mistook him for being a regular-sized Nendoroid due to his size. In any case, this set will be released on October 2011 with a price tag of 4800 Yen.

Supposedly the container for Nendoroid Gumako: Support version?

Supposedly the container for Nendoroid Gumako: Support version?

Meanwhile, a staff of GSC has posted a pic of the container for Nendoroid Gumako: Support version. Nothing special there, except for the stand base that being placed on the bottom-right corner instead of the usual bottom-center placement. ^^

(Thanks for the news tip, Clerericus! ^^)