Nendoroid Alisa Amiella has been Available for Pre-order

Nendoroid Alisa Illinichina Amiella

When I saw Nendoroid Alisa‘s design for the first time, I was really surprised considering the fact that Namco Bandai as the licensor of GOD EATER series handed out the license to GSC to produce the Nendoroid. XD

“I’m slowly starting to understand how I can help.”
From the popular action game ‘GOD EATER 2’ comes a Nendoroid of the popular heroine who debuted in the original game, Alisa! She is of course equipped with her ‘God Arc’ weapon, which comes in both its standard ‘Blade Form’, as well as its ‘Gun Form’ and ‘Predator Form’! All the forms keep their imposing appearances even in the cute Nendoroid size!
But that’s not all – she also comes with various other parts including the Aragami ‘Ogretail’, as well as three different expressions – her standard face, a shouting face for combat scenes and an embarrassed face! A huge collection of parts to help fans recreate their favorite scenes from the game, and experience the unique GOD EATER atmosphere in the cutest form ever!

Considering the plethora of weapons that Nendoroid Alisa brings, I think you can probably tell that her price will be a bit steep. Yep, she is priced at 5500 Yen and scheduled for July release.

Are you getting her, Nendonesian?

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Fully Painted Nendoroid Alisa is Spotted

Nendoroid Alisa

I guess it is only a matter of (short) time before Nendoroid Alisa from the popular action game God Eater 2 gets the official announcement for her pre-order availability as the official Twitter account of the game has tweeted a photo of the fully-painted Nendoroid – which you can see above.

There is one more photo below, which shows her face a bit more clearly with a nicer angle. XD

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Design of Nendoroid Alisa from God Eater 2 is Spotted

Nendoroid Alisa

I bet you have known about this for a while now, so I apologize for posting it late – I have been very busy with my works as of late. XD

Anyway, this is a great news for God Eater fans out there: Nendoroid Alisa Illnichina Amiella is currently in development, and as you can see in the design, she will be sculpted based on the God Eater 2, no less!

Ah … I cannot wait to see how her Nendoroid will turn out later. How about you, Nendonesian?