Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou

As promised, Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou from the popular game series Touhou Project is finally available for pre-order.

“We’re all born without knowing the start of life, and we all die without understanding the end of death.”
From the popular Touhou Project game, ‘Imperishable Night’ comes a Nendoroid of the extra level boss – the immortal Fujiwara no Mokou, also known as Moko-tan!

She comes with three different expressions including her standard smiling face, a sulking face as well as a glaring face. She also includes parts allowing you to pose her with her hands in her pockets, some flame parts, a phoenix to recreate the spell card ‘Immortal: Phoenix -Wing’s Rise-‘ and even some grilled chicken to fit with her image.

She is priced at 3500 Yen and scheduled for May 2013 release.

Are you getting her, Nendonesian?

via GSC

Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou is Previewed on Mikatan’s Blog

Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou

Mikatan is still away on a business trip to China, so there will be another staff posting article in place of her. Today’s blogger is Nutty from GSC’s production team who is previewing the upcoming Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou (Moko-tan) from Touhou Project.

The powerful and immortal fire spell user Moko-tan will bring along three expressions: smiling, sulking, and mischevous face. She will also have the tasty-looking grilled chicken as well as the parts to let her do tomboyish pose with her hands on her pocket. A few other flame effect parts, including one of her spell cards, “Immortal: Phoenix Wings Rise“.

She will be available to pre-order from January 16th.

via Mikatan’s blog