Nendoroid Giveaway by ANIME Circle

ANIME Circle

ANIME Circle

I was informed by one of ANIME Circle‘s admin that they are currently running a Nendoroid Giveaway to celebrate the page’s launching.

The rules are simple: (1) LIKE the Facebook page of ANIME Circle, and (2) answer a few questions in the relevant post. Obviously, you must have a Facebook account in order to participate. XD

The giveaway is also open to international participants, but the prize Nendoroid will not be revealed until it reaches the winner’s hand.

Anyway, see the source page below for more details regarding the giveaway.

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The Wandering Fay: Nendoroid Fan Photobook Project

Nendoroid photo collage

Nendoroid photo collage

The Wandering Fay: Nendoroid Fanbook project is an independent initiative suggested by pus2meong back then on 2011. This project basically aims to create a community-contributed photo book containing wonderful Nendoroid photos by fans of Nendoroid.

Initially, the project was only available to Nendoroid fans who live in Indonesia, but it has recently open to international fans as well.

Here are the details:

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Surabaya Advanced Toys 1st Gathering: Nendonesia Report

Group photo!

Group photo!

Surabaya Advanced Toys (SAT) 1st Gathering was held on March 31 at East Coast Center, Pakuwon City, Surabaya. The gathering was actually a joint of several figure/toys communities in Surabaya – and Nendonesia is also a part of it.

The main purpose of this event is to let each communinty’s members get to know each other and show the society that Surabaya’s toys communities are alive and kicking. XD

Well, enough with the introductory words, let’s get straight to the (photo) report, shall we?

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Event – Surabaya Advanced Toys 2nd Gathering in Multi Toys Fair 2012

The banner

The banner (click to view larger size)

Surabaya Advanced Toys (SAT) was launched a few months ago, when we also did a special gathering there.

Apparently, the 2nd SAT gathering is going to be held this weekend at Multi Toys Fair 2012. This time, there will also be an interesting game with interesting prize there for the gathering participants.

The scheduled programmes:

  • 14.00 – Meetup and game registration
  • 16.00 – Game start; there will be a briefing for rules
  • 17.00 – Game winner announcement + members photo session

The gathering will be held on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at Multi Toy Fair 2012 (in front of the stage), located at Grand City Surabaya.

Note that participants need to bring at least one toy/figure to the gathering. Yes, simply bring your Nendoroid and/or Petit there, Nendonesian. XD

Well then, see you there! ^^

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012

Banner for AFA Indonesia 2012

Banner for AFA Indonesia 2012

Note: This post is not (directly) related to Nendoroid, so if you are looking for one, then kindly skip this post. XD

Rejoice, fans of Japanese culture in Indonesia, as Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2012 will also be held in Indonesia. Yes, the first ever AFA Indonesia will be held in Jakarta on September 1-2! ^^

Here is the announcement tweet, announced from the official Twitter account of AFA Indonesia:

That said, we are still waiting for further announcement regarding the exact venue, ticketing details, and programs rundown.

Meanwhile, the popular blogger and Culture Japan owner Danny Choo mentioned that he will also come to the event. I do also hope that GSC open a booth there. XD

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian – especially those who live in Indonesia? Are you excited? ^^

via Twitter and Culture Japan

Hobby Festival Surabaya 2012

Hobby Festival Surabaya 2012

Hobby Festival Surabaya 2012

For you who are lingering around Surabaya, Indonesia, well, there will be is a hobby event being held there. The event goes by the name Hobby Festival Surabaya 2012, which is going to start on …. today, March 11th until April 1st. Yep, the event is up everyday – from 10AM until 10PM – for more than 3 weeks long! Whoaa … XD

Anyway, this event is held on East Coast Center, Pakuwon City (Laguna). For you who are not familiar with the area, well, if you know Food Festival area, then East Coast Center is that mall just beside that area. ^^

Oh, and Nendonesia will also have a special gathering there on March 31st along with the figma community FIGMANIA and perhaps other figure and model kit communities as well. I will post further details when it becomes available later on, so for now, simply mark that date in your calendar, okay? ^^

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