Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version

Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version has gone available for pre-order earlier today, so naturally Mikatan also takes the chance to preview this new Nendoroid.

Well, we have known most of her details, but Mikatan’s analysis on other details are still as interesting as ever, so kindly visit the blog for more pics and info. XD

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Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version

Coming out of nowhere is Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version, which has gone available for pre-order starting today. Yes, we have seen her several times in some recent events, so it is only natural for GSC to announce her officially now.

A time will come when we must let go of each other’s hands…
From the anime series that aired in Fuji TV’s noitamina block, ‘Black Rock Shooter’ comes a Nendoroid of Dead Master based on the new design used in the TV anime series – wearing her clear veil while grinning with a sadistic smile.

Dead Master comes with optional parts that allow you to display her posed in her signature pose holding her giant weapon, ‘Dead Scythe’ or instead recreate your favorite battle scenes from the series! The giant throne from the series is also included in a special Nendoroid size!

Aside from her new TV Animation design, she will bring two expressions as well as her trusty scythe and obviously, her mighty throne – in Nendoroid size! Wow!

Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version is scheduled for April 2013 release and priced a bit steeper at 4500 Yen.

She will also be available at Goodsmile Online Shop. Orders can be placed between November 20th (Fri) from 12:00 until December 19th (Wed) at 21:00. See the product page for more information regarding shipping and shipping costs.

(Thanks for the news tip, Nicole Wagner!)

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GSC Compares Bootleg Nendoroid HMO, Dead Master, and Madoka

Bootleg (fake) vs original (authentic)

Bootleg (fake) vs original (authentic)

GSC has posted yet another bootleg comparison of some Nendoroid. The featured Nendoroid are: Nendoroid Kaname Madoka, Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Absolute HMO Edition, and Nendoroid Dead Master, versus their bootleg counterparts. Out of those three, I personally have difficulties to distinquish between Nendoroid Kaname Madoka and her bootleg version. Well, gotta be careful to purchase Nendoroid from untrusted stores. XD

Anyway, feel free to visit the source pages for more pics and info (in Japanese XD) about the comparison. ^^

Via GSC (link #1, link #2, link #3)

Custom Nendoroid Dead Buster

Custom Nendoroid Dead Buster

Custom Nendoroid Dead Buster

Do you remember the custom-made Nendoroid Ferrari Miku? Yep, the maker of said custom Nendoroid is back with … well, another custom-made Nendoroid! This time she modified Nendoroid Dead Master into a military themed custom Nendoroid, dubbed Nendoroid Dead Buster. Whoa … XD

Jump past the break to view more pics of this awesome custom-made Nendoroid. ^^

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Custom Nendoroid from Black Rock Shooter Spotted

Re-painted version of Nendoroid from BRS series

Re-painted version of Nendoroid from BRS series

Whoa … what do we have here? Apparently someone is inspired from the white version of Black Rock Shooter (a.k.a White Rock Shooter), and she decided to repaint the whole BRS casts into white-colored theme. The white version of Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, and Strength look awesome, don’t they? XD

Personally though, I think that the re-painted Nendoroid Strength is the best out of those four. The purple-colored hair looks pretty cool on Strength. What about you, Nendonesian? What do you think about the custom/repainted Nendoroid? ^^

Nendoroid Planet Photo Contest

Nendoroid Planet's photocon banner

Nendoroid Planet's photocon banner

If you recall our review of the iOS app Nendoroid Planet a few months ago, there is a section titled “The MUSEUM” with 2 sub-section: “Catalog” and “3D Models“. In 3D Models, we can view the 3D-rendered models of a few Nendoroid. Beside zooming and rotating, we can also take photos of the 3D Nendoroid with our environment as the photo background.

Yep, this capability is now being featured as a photo contest. The main rules is simple: submit one photo of 3D-rendered Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter or Nendoroid Dead Master, taken with Nendoroid Planet app. The submission has been started on August 31 and will end on September 22. The prize for best photo submission is a BRS illustration made and signed by huke, plus a signature of Sakamoto Maaya! The winner will also get a copy of PSP game Black Rock Shooter: The GAME. Wooot! (o . o)/

The bad news is … well, the contest is only applicable for Japan citizen. That’s it – international participants are not eligible to participate in the photocon. Awww … (-_-“)

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog and Nendoroid Planet

Black Rock Shooter: TV Animation is Announced

Black Rock Shooter TV Animation

Black Rock Shooter TV Animation

Although the Nendoroid line-up from Black Rock Shooter is quite strong, it seems that the OVA didn’t please much fans back then when it was released last year. That might be what in the mind of BRS Project team when they decide to produce the TV animation version, which is planned for January 2012 broadcast.

Some changes in the main casts are spotted in the pic, such as Black Rock Shooter’s hood, Dead Master’s glasses, and a new girl with yellow-brown colored hair – Strength is mysteriously absent there. Obviously, the man behind that illustration is huke, who also done the original design of Steins;Gate’s characters. ^^

I know, this news might not be related to Nendoroid …. for the time being. Who knows what would happen later? Nendoroid rendetion of BRS TV Animation version look more likely than ever! XD

What do you think, Nendonesian? ^^