How to Setup Nendoroid Date Masamune’s Stand Base

Nendoroid Date Masamune's stand base

Nendoroid Date Masamune's stand base

So you have received Nendoroid Date Masamune and played with him for a while. Don’t you notice that it is somehow difficult to setup him to dock into the stand base, Nendonesian? Either case, Phat! Company has posted a quick guide about how to properly setup Date’s stand base at their blog.

Well, kindly visit their blog to view the guide. ^^

Via Phat! Company’s blog

Mikatan Shows You How to Fix Scuffed Paint

Scuffed paint on Miku's hair

Scuffed paint on Miku's hair

Well, if you look at the pic above, you know that it might happen to our Nendoroid if they fell off from a certain height and hit their head. No worries! Mikatan has just posted an in-depth guide about how to fix the scuffed paint on Nendoroid in her latest DIY Figure Repair article series. Apparently, some tools are neccessary to follow the guide, i.e: masking tape, enamel solvent, enamel paints, top coat, brush, and dishes. In any case, simply visit Mikatan’s blog for further details about the guide.

So … have you ever had this kind of “scars” on your Nendoroid? How did you repair them? ^^

Note: The guide might serve as a basic guide on Nendoroid re-painting as well – what do you think? ^^

Via Mikatan’s blog

Nendoroid Storage

They deserve a better place - it's so cramped there

They deserve a better place - it's so cramped there

Note: This article is part of a series focusing on Nendoroid maintenance. This time, it’s about Nendoroid storage.

As your size of Nendoroid collection grow larger, a new problem arise: storage. How do you store them? Keeping them inside their respective boxes or putting them inside your drawer or lining them up in a display case? Well, in this article, I will discuss some of my fellow collectors’ method of storing their Nendoroids.

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Nendoroid – The Faces List

Nendoroid Faces Listing

Nendoroid Faces Listing

“Hmmm … this one is probably Ritsu’s face … err, no, maybe Yui’s … or … Azunyan’s … ?” As your Nendoroid collection grows, there might be time when you’re starting to get confused with which faces belong to whom. Fortunately, someone from 2ch decided to create a huge “poster” consisted of Nendoroid faces to tackle your problem. Although it’s still a draft – with only recent Nendoroids made themselves to the list – it’s still worth to look into.

If you have some spare time, maybe you could fill in the blanks and expand the listing to contain more Nendoroid faces, then share it with us so we can have a complete face listing. ^^

Click here to view and download the face listing.

Nendoroid – The Collector List

As your Nendoroid collection grows bigger in number, you would probably need a way to keep track on which one you own and which one you don’t. Well, my brother made a complete index of Nendoroid listing, starting from the ultra-rare Primula up to recently announced Marise Kurisu. It’s inspired from a similar Figma listing.

How to use it? Simply download the image, fire up your fave image editor, put a color based on the legend, i.e green color if you have already owned the Nendoroid, etc.
Quick tip: use a semi-transparent (< 80%) color instead of full-blown one, so that the Nendoroid faces could still be seen.

If you have finished coloring up the image, you may upload it back to your image hosting, and then share it with us here. Enjoy! ^^

(Thanks for the Figma listing link, Singer_Yuna! Can’t wait to see your version of the listing too.^^

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