Nendonesia T-Shirt for AFAID Showcase Reward is Ready

T ShirtAfter a long wait, the T Shirt is ready.

Why it took so long to print this?
Well, there are several reason behind it. Like, the design is not good for screen printing (sablon), while DTG printer still not that good in Indonesia. And any other reason that I forgot to mention :p

Anyway, for all local backer. You will get notification by E-Mail about the shipping fee. And for international backer, your reward will be shipped along with other items. Please be patient.

The bag is on the way, will coming soonish. The photobook is in drafting phase.

Btw, those T Shirt are 12 Kilos of weight…. God, I will not underestimate the weight of those T Shirt anymore. I thought it was light, so I decided to pick up the T Shirt personally, but it was a bad decision… 😀


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5 comments on “Nendonesia T-Shirt for AFAID Showcase Reward is Ready

  1. BianOka says:

    i want it so bad, can i order it now ?

  2. Zarf__ says:

    Umm… any updates on the rest of the AFAID Showcase supporter rewards???

    • pus2meong says:

      Sorry for the late respond. (The notification does not reaching my email but somehow appear in my phone mail account, that’s weird…)
      And sorry for the long-long delay for the rest of the rewards.
      I personally was waiting for our other members to short and creating proper documentation for the photo judgement.
      It was my fault, I keep forgetting to make a reminder during my busy working days. And most of the members are quite busy too because most of us already have a job to make living.
      To make it worst, we are separated in different cities (I know this is not a justified reason, but I just trying to be honest here. At least from my side :))

      I already asks our member to prepare and shorting the photos so we could start make a judgement at January. And during february I can start the editing process.

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