Nendoroid 362: Shameimaru Aya


Joining the latest character from Touhou Project in Nendoroid form, here comes Shameimaru Aya, a tengu and a reporter, known as the Traditional Reporter of Fantasy!


Aya comes with quite a lot (a few) of accesories. Her accesories consist of:


Alternate hands for holding book, camera, and pen.

Default hands for holding her fan.

2 normal stands (one for her, one for the wind effect, I think?)

Crow+mini stand

2 alternate faces, one with wink and one annoying expression known as “Kimeemaru” (yes I did hide the face in purpose :p)

Pair of wings. Wings are attached in quite a unique ways compared to other winged Nendoroids. Reason? Unclear, but maybe it’s because in some version, Aya doesn’t have wings on her back.

So why did I say she got (a few) accesories? Well, for starter, she doesn’t have any alternate shoulders. That means she can’t do widespread arm pose unlike almost every other nendoroids.

Second, she doesn’t come with unique stand like the other Nendoroid from Touhou Project, just a plain, old square. This takes a lot of points at least for me, because I like seeing the unique stand in every other Touhou Project Nendoroid 😦

Paint apps is perfect as usual (no noticeable paint error), and I must say, I’m satisfied with how her expression turned to be. Normal smile, cute wink expression, and annoying “Kimeemaru” expression, they got it right for all faces! Good job, sculptor!



Some pose. She is taking photos of me taking photos of her taking photos of me- Ahem. Sorry, I tend to get distracted when I reviewing something cute.


Wind Attack! (There’s no official spell card for this one, only some of her normal attack)




Verdict: Buy or not buy? Definitely buy! Even without not really knowing the series, Aya is still a good Nendoroid, I will say it’s near perfect with how detailed she is, and how cute she is (especially that wink expression!)


Till next review~

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