Nendoroid Uno Uzume is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Uno Uzume

Nendoroid Uno Uzume from the anime series Fantasista Doll has been previewed by Kahotan and has been available for pre-order since last week.

“Reveal your true form to me now!”
From the anime series ‘Fantasista Doll’ comes a Nendoroid of Uzume Uno, the main character who makes contracts with the ‘Fantasista Dolls’ summoned from cards.
She comes with three expressions including a smiling face, upset face and kissing expression based on the ending theme’s illustrations. She also comes with parts to recreate the famous drum roll scene from the series!

She is scheduled for April 2014 release and priced at 3800 Yen.

Bonus pic: Ohashi Ayaka, Uzume Uno’s seiyuu in the anime with the Nendoroid.

Nendoroid Uzume Uno

via GSC

Preview of Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses

Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses

When I ask some Nendoroid collectors this question:

“Why did you get this Nendoroid?”
“For what reason did you get that Nendoroid?”

One of the common answers is:

“Because I like the outfit.”
“His/her clothes are so cute!”
“That frilly dress looks really lovely!”

Outfits, clothes, dresses, uniforms – so some collectors are getting Nendoroids solely because the “body” parts looks nice. *cough* Me included *cough* XD

Well, if you are one of those who think of getting Nendoroid Plus Sumomo (which comes bundled with a Nintendo DS game) because you want to get her pajamas, then you can simply wait for the Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses to be released instead.

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Read This First Before Attempting to Detach (Old) Nendoroids’ Parts

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata version

One of the greatest feature of a Nendoroid is its ability to swap parts with each other. Yes, most Nendoroid parts are interchangeable between Nendoroids, so you can simply mix-match the parts to either create a yet-to-be-released character or even create a new one!

That said, when you have Nendoroids that have been stored for a long time, you have to be very careful when you detach their parts because they could break easily – especially the joints on old Nendoroids.

So are there any way to minimize the risk?

Note: Try these steps by your own account – we are not responsible for any damages caused, so please proceed with caution. XD

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Nendoroid Saber Bride is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroif Saber Bride

Along with the design of Nendoroid Gilgamesh (Archer), Nendoroid Saber Bride (Fate/extra CCC) was also one of the surprising announcement by GSC from the TYPE-MOON department. XD

Well, it seems that our wait is finally over as she is finally announced officially and has been available for pre-order since last week.

“I shall now confess — I truly love thee!”
From the popular game ‘Fate/EXTRA CCC’ comes a Nendoroid of Saber Bride.
She comes three expressions including a smiling expression, a sideways glancing expression and even a special expression illustrated by wadarco, the game’s character designer, for a more chibi looking Saber! Her sword, ‘Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame’ is also included, allowing for various different poses for fans to enjoy!

Some folks mentioned that her belly looks a bit chubby … but it does not matter for me, as she looks absolutely gorgeous and cute – do you see her 3rd expression? … oh, and that musical note part attached on her ahoge is simply too adorable! XD

Nendoroid Saber Bride will be released on April 2014, bearing the price tag of 4000 Yen.

via GSC and Kahotan’s blog

Nendoroid Taiyo Akari is Available for Pre-Order

Nendoroid Taiyou Akari

If you have been waiting for Nendoroid Taiyo Akari (Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou) since the Summer WonFes, then your wait is finally over as she has been announced officially and available for pre-order since last week.

The girl chosen by ‘The Sun’ Tarot card.
From the anime series ‘Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou’ comes a Nendoroid of the character who holds the power of The Sun’s elemental tarot, Akari Taiyo!
She comes with an alternate expression as well as exchangeable hair parts allowing you to pose her in either her standard or transformed forms. Optional parts include her tarot card as well as her weapon, the rapier, allowing you to recreate combat scenes from the series too!

As you can see in the pic, she will have an exchangable hair parts so that we can have her pose in the standard form or the transformed one. I have to admit that she looks really cool in her battle mode. XD

Anyway, she will be released on May 2014, bearing the price tag of 4200 Yen.

via GSC and Kahotan’s blog