Preview of Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses

Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses

When I ask some Nendoroid collectors this question:

“Why did you get this Nendoroid?”
“For what reason did you get that Nendoroid?”

One of the common answers is:

“Because I like the outfit.”
“His/her clothes are so cute!”
“That frilly dress looks really lovely!”

Outfits, clothes, dresses, uniforms – so some collectors are getting Nendoroids solely because the “body” parts looks nice. *cough* Me included *cough* XD

Well, if you are one of those who think of getting Nendoroid Plus Sumomo (which comes bundled with a Nintendo DS game) because you want to get her pajamas, then you can simply wait for the Nendoroid More: Pajama Dresses to be released instead.

There are two types (colors) of the pajama being previewed.

Pajama Type: PEACH

Rear view

Close-up view

Pajama Type: AQUA

Rear view

Close-up view

… but wait! There are two more pajama types that are currently being worked on and they are planning to show us the full set during the upcoming Winter WonFes in February.

Anyway, it seems that there will be more to come in this Nendoroid add-on line. Yepm we can expect the common outfits like policeman / policewoman, waiter / waitress, etc to be released as future Nendoroid More parts as well.

Well, what do you think about it, Nendonesian?

via GSC Lab

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