Read This First Before Attempting to Detach (Old) Nendoroids’ Parts

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata version

One of the greatest feature of a Nendoroid is its ability to swap parts with each other. Yes, most Nendoroid parts are interchangeable between Nendoroids, so you can simply mix-match the parts to either create a yet-to-be-released character or even create a new one!

That said, when you have Nendoroids that have been stored for a long time, you have to be very careful when you detach their parts because they could break easily – especially the joints on old Nendoroids.

So are there any way to minimize the risk?

Note: Try these steps by your own account – we are not responsible for any damages caused, so please proceed with caution. XD

Well, GSC has posted a quick guide for this case – although the post itself was posted last year. XD

Swapping Parts Without Damaging Nendoroid / Figma

Use something like a hairdryer to warm up the parts before attempting to detach them. Make sure that you don’t put the hairdryer too close – it might cause the parts to melt down.

Swapping Parts Without Damaging Nendoroid / Figma

As for me, I usually put a small damp cloth into a bowl of warm water and I use that cloth to wipe the Nendoroid parts to be detached.

The main idea is the same – we have to warm up the parts so that they are not too stiff when we attempt to detach them. Don’t warm it too much though, as you could melt the parts instead.

Well then, hopefully it could be helpful for you to minimize the damage whenever you try to swap Nendoroid parts, Nendonesian! XD

via GSC

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