Nendoroid Eren Jäger is Available for Pre-Order and Previewed by Kahotan

Nendoroid Eren Jäger

We have already had Mikasa, so it is only natural that her love interest childhood friend buddy will also come in Nendoroid form. Yep, Nendoroid Eren Jäger is finally announced officially.

“I’ll exterminate them! Every last one of them!”
The third Nendoroid from the popular anime series ‘Attack on Titan’ is the main character of the series, Eren Yeager! He comes with three expressions including his standard expression, a shouting expression and a surprised expression! Just like Mikasa, he also comes with his dual blades, vertical maneuvering equipment with effect parts and blood effect parts. He also comes with an alternate body part which allows you to recreate the memorable council questioning scene from the series!

Be sure to display him with all the other characters from the series to completely recreate the Attack on Titan universe in Nendoroid size!

This Nendoroid will be available on April 2014, bearing the price tag of 4000 Yen.

Mikasa and Eren

Umm, so … there are other Nendoroid characters of Shingeki no Kyojin beside Mikasa and Eren?

Nendoroid Levi

Woot! It’s a prototype of Nendoroid Levi! XD

Anyway, make sure to visit Kahotan’s blog to view more close-up shots of Nendoroid Eren.

via GSC and Kahotan’s blog

4 comments on “Nendoroid Eren Jäger is Available for Pre-Order and Previewed by Kahotan

  1. Will says:

    I believe the Colossal Titan is also a Nendoroid, no?

  2. ilham shaq says:

    why does the mikasa link direct me to Mikoto’s nendoroid page? : |

  3. […] no Kyojin is on the roll here, as GSC has just announced that Nendoroid Levi – the 3rd character from the popular anime series to get the Nendoroid treatment – has been available for […]

  4. vikencronste says:


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