Free Shipping for Nendoroids from Japan by J-Figure

We have just been contacted by, an online figure shop based on Tokyo that are selling both new and pre-owned figures from Japan. They are currently running an interesting campaign:

All Nendoroids Free Shipping from Japan!

The promotion is valid for any pre-orders and pre-owned Nendoroids within October that are shipped by Japan Post’s SAL unregistered small packet delivery service.

Originally, the promotion is only applicable for shipment from Japan to USA/Europe, but we have confirmation by that the promotion is now valid for worldwide shipping where SAL unregistered small packet delivery service is available. Yay! XD

Here is what they said about this matter:

We have just changed the promotion from only for Europe and USA to worldwide, mentioning that there are some countries where SAL Small Packet service is not applicable.
So we hope that most Asian Nendoroid fans can also participate in this promotion.

Well, there you have it! Simply head directly to for further details about the campaign. Note that the promotion will end in about two weeks from today, so you will have to act fast. XD


6 comments on “Free Shipping for Nendoroids from Japan by J-Figure

  1. Kevin Costner says:

    wow.. I need to take a look now..
    hopefully I can bought what I want.. 😀

  2. > figure shop based on Tokyo

    So it’s a figure shop based on Tokyo City?

    Also it’s and not

  3. Kevin Costner says:

    I found Nendoroid that I want to buy in but it is pre-owned..
    is it still in good quality..?
    I mean is it going to be so different from the new one..?
    is there someone that has already buying pre-owned goods from there..?
    please help.. I want that nendoroid but I want to make sure first..
    is it going to be alright to buy the pre-owned one from that site..?
    sorry, I’m still newbie and my english is also bad..
    Arigatou Gozaimashita~ 😀
    Thank you..~ 😀

    • animaster says:

      I think this online shop is established recently, and previously only serving European customers. You might want to try contacting the shop through their Contact Us page and enquire about the pre-owned item.

  4. baelner says:

    I know that face! that must be from Sena nendo

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