Nendoroid Nishikawa Takanori T.M.Revolution is Spotted

Nendoroid Nishikawa Takanori (T.M.Revolution)

T.M.Revolution and Nendoroid are not related to each other – in fact, it seems that they are like two worlds apart!

… until today it is, as Nendoroid Nishikawa Takanori a.k.a T.M.Revolution is announced by the man himself on his Twitter account earlier.

Here is the aforementioned tweet:

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? …. Valvrave? XD

5 comments on “Nendoroid Nishikawa Takanori T.M.Revolution is Spotted

  1. Cloudedmind says:

    If we could get Valvrave nendo’s I’d be really happy.

  2. momo says:

    depends the price I might get :O

  3. the connection is… Nishikawa-san and Aki-san have the same given name! XD

    ps. Taka from Takanori have the same meaning with Takai – expensive! XD

  4. […] was talking about Nendoroid T.M.Revolution yesterday, and today GSC has just made it […]

  5. Anime Nendoroid says:

    Reblogged this on Nendoroid 'n' Figma.

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