Nendoroid MISAKA Imouto is Spotted in Ad

Nendoroid MISAKA

When I saw Nendoroid Misaka Mikoto a few months ago, I think most of Nendoroid (and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun fans) guessed that her “imouto” will follow suit eventually.

Well, I think our hunch becomes a reality as GSC has launched an ad of Nendoroid MISAKA along with her optional expressions and parts. Woot!

Nendoroid MISAKA

Cool-looking visor! XD

Nendoroid MISAKA

Awww … this expression is really cute! XD

Nendoroid MISAKA

What an adorable scene! XD

Nendoroid MISAKA

The pre-order will start on October 7th until 21th and she will be available exclusively on Good Smile Online Shop and Good Smile x Karaoke Tetsujin Cafe. Oh, and she will be priced similarly with Nendoroid Misaka Mikoto at 3500 Yen.

What do you think, Nendonesian?

(Thanks for the news tip, Stephan!)

via IEEE80211abgn

4 comments on “Nendoroid MISAKA Imouto is Spotted in Ad

  1. kingtacchan says:

    She is cuter than Misaka aneki! Will probably po her.

  2. momo says:

    been waiting for this

    but she sood come with the kitty normally :D! like a lil black kitty sood separately come ^w^

    and Shimapan

  3. Anime Nendoroid says:

    Reblogged this on Nendoroid 'n' Figma.

  4. […] we have already seen pretty much everything about Nendoroid Misaka previously, so it is about time that she becomes […]

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