Planning for Nendoroid More: Costume Parts is Announced

Nendoroid More: Costume Parts

Nendoroid More is a new line focusing on add-ons for Nendoroids. Previously, this series has produced extra parts such as alternative Nendoroid stands and accessories.

… and now it seems that the series will be explanding again, thanks to the Nendoroid More: Costume Parts that was posted in GSC’s Shinsotsu blog.

Based on the pic, there are at least five costumes being considered at the moment: Maid, School Uniform, Gothic, Police Woman, and Ninja. Obviously, the costumes are only intended for female (and cross-dresser, if any XD), but I hope they will also consider producing male costume parts too.

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian?

via BlogShinsotsu2012

3 comments on “Planning for Nendoroid More: Costume Parts is Announced

  1. SakuReduxSakuRedux says:

    I think if there are male parts they’ll come much later and be much fewer. Just the sheer ratio of Male:Female characters with Nendoroids is really unbalanced.

    I’m glad to hear about this line of accessories. It’s success all depends on pricing and availability, though.

  2. momo says:

    oohh nice 😀 maids uniform ill have to get for all my nendos ^3^!

    need new stands too, a lot broke or lost….=w=;….so….id be a huge customer :D!

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