Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2013: Crowdfunding Project

Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2012

Nendonesian, we will need your help again to support us so that we can re-create our dream of participating in the largest Anime Festival in Asia once again!

Similar to last year’s campaign, this time we are going to crowdfund the project. Details are available after the break.

UPDATE: T Shirt is ready!
To all local backer, you will get notification about shipping fee this week. To international backer, your item will be shipped along with other rewards, so please be patient.

UPDATE: Donation period has ended as of September 5th, 2013. Thank you for your donations and support, Nendonesian! See you in AFAID 2013! XD

Who We Are

At first, Nendonesia is simply a blog that covers all stuff related to Nendoroids. As time goes by, Nendonesia has been growing into a group of passionate Nendoroid fans and collectors that are actively engaging on community-level interaction with each other – sharing beautiful photos of their Nendoroids and discussing tips for Nendoroid maintenance are common sightings in our Facebook timeline and Twitter page.

Although Nendonesia is based in Indonesia, we are not limiting the community for Indonesian only; we welcome every Nendoroid lover, no matter where they live or what their backgrounds are.

Our mission is to spread the Nendoroid love to everyone and we think that participating in an international scale event such as Anime Festival Asia is a big step toward our goal.

What We Need

We have succesfully setup our first ever exhibition booth at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID) 2012 last year, where we managed to raise about Rp 4.000.000 (~US$ 400) to cover the booth fee. It is an awesome achievement for us considering that we are merely a non-profit group of niche hobbyists.

Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2012

This year, we would like to take part in AFAID 2013 by setting up a booth and once again, we need your help to realize our dream. The booth fee for this year’s AFAID have been increased because of (1) the venue for AFAID 2013 is Jakarta Convention Center which is one of the largest and best convention center in Indonesia and (2) AFAID 2013 is now held for 3 days.

So with that in mind, here are an estimated breakdown of what we need:

  • Rp 6.000.000 (~US$ 600) for booth setup cost: booth fee, decoration, display cases, printing brochures or leaflets, producing banner.
  • Rp 500.000 (US$ 50) for operational cost: transportation for booth-related stuff, logistics, stationeries.

We will still covers some other expenses on our own, so those are the minimum budget we need in order to realize the booth project.

The Booth Plan

Your donation will be mostly used to fund our booth project at AFAID 2013, so it is only natural that we are going to describe a bit more about it. XD

If you have paid a visit to our booth in AFAID 2012, you should have known what to expect from our booth. You might want to check this post for a coverage of our booth in AFAID 2012.

Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2012

Basically, the booth will have the following features, at the very least:

  • One or more Nendoroid displays
  • Photo walls
  • Guest signature boards

Compared to our booth at AFAID 2012, we are trying something different this time: we are planning to setup some simple diorama in the display case, that will reflect a particular series, e.g: Vocaloid series, Fate series, BRS series, iDOLM@STER series, etc. That particular section will only display Nendoroids from the respective series.

Kirino is taking photos of BRS and DM

Yep, you should be able to do just like what Kirino is doing there. XD

Anyway, this section will be updated as soon as we have more details about the plan.

What You Will Get

As a form of our gratitude for backing up our exhibition booth fee, we would like to give you some rewards depending on your contributions:

  1. Donation A: Rp 50.000 (244/250 available)
    You will get a personal “Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2013” sponsorship card. Expect something like the sponsorship card for Good Smile Racing that may come with the Nendoroid Racing Miku series. Estimated delivery date will be announced soon. This Donation Reward will be shipped for free within Java island in Indonesia. International shipping charge still applies.
  2. Donation B: Rp 100.000 (172/200 available)
    You will get a T-Shirt with a special Nendonesia theme. Available sizes are: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Estimated delivery will be around December 2013. This Donation Package excludes the shipping fee.
  3. Donation C: Rp 170.000 (136/150 available)
    You will get a Scissor Bag with a special Nendonesia theme. The bag is perfect as multi-purpose storage on-the-go. Estimated delivery will be around December 2013. This Donation Package excludes the shipping fee.
  4. Donation D: Rp 250.000 (111/120 available)
    You will get a printed copy of the second installment of the famous Nendoroid photobook – The Wandering Fay 2: Nendonesia Special Edition. We will cover further about the photobook below. This Donation Package excludes the shipping fee.
  5. Donation E: Rp 350.000 (44/50 available)
    You will get a printed copy of The Wandering Fay 2: Nendonesia Special Edition along with signatures and personal messages from Nendonesia admins in the first page. An A3-sized poster, a bookmark, and a sticker will also be included in this package. This Donation Reward will be shipped for free within Indonesia. International shipping charge still applies.

Yes, as you can see in that list, every level of Donation have limited availability due to our limited production capacity. XD

Anyway, there might be more types of Donation Rewards, but it is still being planned and might not even be offered at all.

Special thanks!

Obviously, all donators’ names will be printed in the banner that we will display in our booth at AFAID 2013. 🙂

Donation Payment

Donations from those who lives in Indonesia (or have Indonesian bank account) will be transferred to us via any of these bank accounts:

  • Bank BCA: 5060 8 2626 1 (Charlie Anthony)
  • Bank Mandiri: 142 000 777 44 99 (Charlie Anthony)

When you have transferred your donation, kindly confirm it by completing this Confirmation Form. Your personal data will only be used for confirmation and shipping purpose, and will not be used or given to third parties.

International and PayPal donations will be handled in IndieGogo.

UPDATE: As our token of gratitude for your donations, Nendonesian, we would like to add a small bonus for your contribution.

For the first 20 Donators with Donation B, C, D, or E, you will also get a special Nendonesia mini badge that will look similar to this:

Nendonesia Mini Badge

Let’s have a better look from the front side of the mini badge:

Nendonesia Mini Badge

The graphic will be tailored specifically for Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2013, so it will be a one-time only limited mini badge. XD

Yes, the IndieGogo campaign will also have this bonus for the first 20 Donatorsthe campaign page is currently being updated. XD

Note: Each donator will get the mini badge(s) according to the number of Donation package(s), e.g: Donators getting the Donation B and C will get two mini badges.

The Donation Rewards

Nendonesia Personal Sponsorship Card

Here is the design draft for the Nendonesia Personal Sponsorship Card:

Nendonesia Personal Sponsorship Card

The design might change later, but it will generally look like that. XD

Nendonesia T-Shirt

Here is the design draft for the Nendonesia T-Shirt:

Nendonesia T-Shirt

Size chart:

Nendonesia T-Shirt size chart

The design might change later, but it will generally look like that. XD

Scissor Bag

Here is the design draft for the Nendonesia Scissor Bag:

Nendonesia Scissor Bag
Nendonesia Scissor Bag

The final design might change later on, but it will generally look like that. XD

The Wandering Fay 2: Nendonesia Special Edition photobook

If you have known about the first installment of The Wandering Fay photobook, then you should have had a general idea of what it is. You can find more about The Wandering Fay project here.

Takanori Aki browsing the photobook pages

Anyway, for The Wandering Fay 2: Nendonesia Special Edition, there will be some pages containing Nendonesia-related content – what the content will be is still a secret, at least for the time being. XD

Regarding whether the “normal” edition of The Wandering Fay 2 will be released in printed copies, it will depend on the demand for it. That said, the PDF version of The Wandering Fay 2 will not have the “Nendonesia Special Edition” content.

The Wandering Fay photobook

Quick specification of the photobook: (subject to change later)

  • Around 80 pages (full-color)
  • Hard cover

We are currently setting up a dedicated page for The Wandering Fay 2: Nendonesia Special Edition project and it will be posted soon. Expected delivery of the photobook will be around January 2014.


  1. I want the T-Shirt and The Wandering 2 Photobook. Which donation package should I choose?
    If you want those two, you have to contribute with both Donation B (Rp 100.000) and Donation D (Rp 250.000) with a total of Rp 350.000.
  2. I want 2 (two) T-Shirts! Is it possible to contribute with Donation B twice?
    Yes. You can even pick different sizes for each T-Shirt. That said, we do impose a limit of how many times a person can contribute to each Donation levels, but we will not disclose it for the time being.
  3. I am not from Indonesia and I don’t have any Indonesian bank accounts, but I want to donate. What should I do?
    As stated above, all international donations, including donations via PayPal, will be handled on our IndieGogo page.
  4. I saw that the Donation D reward is 100/120 (-20) available in IndieGogo while in the Nendonesia page, it mentioned 80/120 (-40) available. Does that mean there are only 60 donators available for the Donation D?
    No, the available stock mention in IndieGogo and Nendonesia are independent of each other, so in this case, there are 100 of Donation D available in IndieGogo and 80 of Donation C available in Nendonesia, as written in respective pages.
  5. How can I cancel my donation? Do I get a refund?
    Sorry, but you cannot cancel your donation and we offer no refund. You will still get your Donation Rewards as part of our commitment to give you gratitude for your donation.
  6. Can I switch from Donation A to Donation B?
    Sorry, but you cannot switch from one Donation to the other. What you can, however, is contributing additional Donations. In this case, you can contribute with Donation B alongside your previous Donation A contribution.
  7. The Donation options are too expensive!
    Your donations will be used solely for the purposes we mentioned in the What We Need section above as well as covering for the Donation Rewards production cost. That is why you might think that the Donation levels are expensive.
    Note that we take NO PROFIT whatsoever from all of your donations. Any remaining fund will be used as a base fund to cover for Nendonesia’s future events.
  8. How do we pay the Shipping Fee?
    Once the Donation Rewards are ready, we will let you know how much the Shipping Fee will be and how you can pay for it by email.

Well, I guess that is all about Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2013 Crowdfunding Project. Kindly post a comment if you have any questions.

Let’s work together to achieve our dream of participating in the biggest Anime Festival in Asia! XD


48 comments on “Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2013: Crowdfunding Project

  1. diesuscarlos says:

    Looking forward to this. 😀

  2. […] teman teman yang ingin membantu, mohon kunjungi website dibawah ini. Nendonesia Crowd Funding Nendonesia menyediakan beberapa reward yang bisa kalian dapatkan sebagai penghargaan atas bantuan […]

  3. so can you give me see what does the t shirt look like ?

  4. johanes says:

    Ok, i will support and donate, i wanna see design t-shirt .__.

  5. KiaW says:

    How much is Donation E in USD (350.000 RP) google is giving me really weird answers much appreciated.

  6. diesuscarlos says:

    Waiting for the Indiegogo instructions. *drools*

  7. KiaW says:

    I have a quick question,

    I really want to support and the item I want the most is the special edition book, however I also want the t-shirt. So my question is whether the Supermarket Sweep ($70 USD) is the regular book or if it is the special edition.

    Much appreciated.

    • animaster says:

      I assume that you are referring to the packages in our IndieGogo page.

      For the time being, the Supermarket Sweep package include the regular photobook (as in the $35 photobook package).

      However, if we surpass our funding goal, then we might give you the $45 photobook pack instead, for the Supermarket Sweep package.

  8. dir0001 says:

    If I donate for two Donation options and one of them includes shipping (e.g. Donation C and E), will the shipping fee be free/included?

  9. kingtacchan says:

    I plan to donate for plan B. I have ordered a t-shirt from Nendonesia before to give to my friend but XL size was a bit small for my friend so I use it myself. I think XXL will fit but can you provide the sizes in cm for size XL and XXL?

  10. bhebex says:

    Hi Nendonesia,
    I’m still new as nendoroid collector, but I want to contribute and also want to see you at AFAID 2013. My question is, what should I do first? registering something or send you guys an email?

    • animaster says:

      Hi bhebex!
      Thank you for your interest to contribute for the Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2013.

      Currently we do not have any registration system, but we will do one shortly, so stay tuned. 🙂

      Anyway, in order to contribute, as mentioned in the post, you can simply do the following steps:
      1. Choose one or more Donation Package(s) that you are interested in.
      2. Transfer the amount of Donation according to the summary of the Donation Package(s) that you have chosen.
      3. Fill in the Confirmation Form after you have transferred your donation.

      Afterwards, simply wait for your Donation Rewards to be delivered according to the “Estimated Delivery” and we are looking forward to see you in our booth at AFAID 2013! 🙂

  11. Urania says:

    wait i wanted the wandering fay 2 photobook but when the photo submission is? are the format still like from wandering fay 1? thx

    • animaster says:

      The photo submission for The Wandering Fay 2 should begin around mid-September. Yes, the format is more or less similar to the one from The Wandering Fay 1 – after all the one behind the project is still the same.

      The photo submission and further info will be posted once we are done with the AFAID 2013 booth preparation.

  12. Eugenius Genta P. says:

    Hi, I just want to post a quick Question, if I were to choose donation package B, how much should I give for delivery fee? and further more if I also choose package C could it be send together?
    Thank you.

    • animaster says:

      Hi there! Regarding the delivery fee, we will calculate it based on the Donation Package(s) and notify you back once all the merchandises are ready to be delivered.

      Yes, if you choose two or more Donation Packages, they will be delivered together.

      • Eugenius Genta P. says:

        thanks for the response.
        I have just transfered the donation tonight. And I’m really couldn’t wait to see your booth later.

  13. Skeith Cora says:

    I have donated some for the project and have it confirmed, but How can I know that I am in the donators list?

  14. shyevsa says:

    Uugh I just remember now.
    is the donation still open?
    I would like to get Donation C.

  15. disis says:

    I am wondering
    is it possible that I would make a donation at your booth in AFA 2013?
    Thank you

    • animaster says:

      Actually, the dateline for the donation period has ended on September 1st. That said, we can still take donations until the end of this week (September 8th) and you will only get the Donation Reward(s).

      However, your name will not be put in Nendonesia’s banner on AFAID13, because we have already finalized the banner design.

      • disis says:

        Actually whether you put my name or not is not my priority. My priority is to collect your merchandise as your offered above. because I am interested with your T-shirt and also “The Wandering Fay 2” book. So will you sell both of them at your booth?

        Thank you. 😀

      • animaster says:

        Nendonesia’s booth in AFAID 2013 is a community booth, hence we cannot sell any merchandise there as the booth is considered to be non-profit.

        If you want to donate, kindly follow the instructions above.

  16. Skeith Cora says:

    Hi guys,
    Any news on the donation rewards? Not that I expect it too much, but I’ve been so busy lately, I am afraid that I missed something.

    • animaster says:

      The production of the donation rewards is currently ongoing. It might be delayed though, due to various circumstances.

      We are going to post an update about it soon. Please rest assured. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  17. Tom says:

    Any updates?

  18. […] You might have known about the first volume of The Wandering Fay photobook – the background, the purpose, everything. Yes, most of them will still apply in The Wandering Fay 2: Nendonesia Special Edition Photobook Project. The only significant factor that set it apart from the first edition is that it is offered as a part of our merchandise reward for the AFAID 2013 Showcase Crowdfunding Project. […]

  19. adrianade20 says:

    If I may ask, which shop is a genuine reseller of nendoroid in indonesia(online/ordinary shop)? Pls help me im a newbie collector wanna be >,<

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