Official Photos of Nendoroid Senjougahara Hitagi are Spotted

Nendoroid Senjougahara Hitagi

So you have not convinced yourself whether or not to pre-order the limited and exclusive Bakemonogatari Premium Item Box? Well, let us help you to make up yourmind … by showing some official photos of the chibi-sized crab girl. XD

As you can see in the pic, Nendoroid Senjougahara Hitagi will come with two expressions, a ponytail hair, as well as plenty of her signature stationaries.

So … what do you think?

5 comments on “Official Photos of Nendoroid Senjougahara Hitagi are Spotted

  1. Drakes says:

    I love when they uses poses from great figure =w= have to get now (though tsun face is NEEDED D:)

  2. NY Otaku says:

    Really looking forward to getting her. It’s about time Hitagi got a nendoroid version!

  3. Ian says:

    Signature stationeries* and she really looks good. 😦

  4. Robyn says:

    I love her so much and the fact that she comes with the stationary is amazing. The scene where she drops it all is just so funny.

  5. […] we have pretty much hear and see everything there is about Nendoroid Senjougahara Hitagi which will be included in the Bakemonogatari Premium Item […]

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