Nendoroid Info in Latest Hobby Magazine Scans (May 2013)

Nendoroid Miyafuji Yoshika: 1945 version

Well, it looks like another improved re-release is in the pipeline, as Nendoroid Miyafuji Yoshika: 1945 version made her first appearance in the latest hobby magazine scan.

She has the same expressions and optional parts as the first release back then in 2009, but her Striker unit will be based on the design from Strike Witches 2. Oh, and she might also have the new faceplate system. This Nendoroid will be priced at 4000 Yen and scheduled for September release – which is pretty doubtful since it is Phat Company who will be in charge of this Nendoroid.

Moving up the right side of the magazine scan is our long awaited Nendoroid Feyris Nyan Nyan from anime/game series Steins;Gate. She is fully colored and … oh my! It is an overload of cuteness! … I mean, look at her twintails!

*ahem* Anyway, she will have three expressions, and … a plate of omu-rice? She will be priced at 3800 Yen and I guess she will be available around fall. Cannot wait to see her official announcement soon~

Ricca, Sonic, and Puchi Nanoha + Vita

The second part of the magazine scans contain some article about Nendoroid Morizono Ricca from Da Capo III, Nendoroid Sonic who seems to be getting a re-release, Nendoroid Petite Takamachi Nanoha and Vita.

Nendoroid Iron Man Mark XLII

… and last but not least is the prototype of Mr. Tony Stark in his 42th metal suit, albeit in Nendoroid form. Yes, Nendoroid Iron Man Mark XLII is based on the recent movie Iron Man 3, and this time, the Nendoroid will also include Tony’s head swap, not just his expression.

So … what do you think, Nendonesian? Which Nendoroids are you most excited for?

5 comments on “Nendoroid Info in Latest Hobby Magazine Scans (May 2013)

  1. Kevin says:

    wow.. it would be awesome.. 😀

  2. Drakes says:


  3. DEFINITELY getting another Ironman nendo!

  4. […] news pretty much confirms the one we saw at the hobby magazine scan recently. Yep, the iconic blue and speedy Nendoroid Sonic the Hedgehog is […]

  5. […] you remember the prototype of Nendoroid Iron Man Mark XLII we saw last month? Well, now he has been completely painted and seems ready to have a proper preview by Mikatan soon. […]

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