Nendoroid Release Schedule for April 2013

Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version

There are 8 Nendoroids and single Petit scheduled for this month’s release – pretty similar to what we saw last month. A few anticipated Nendoroids are seeing their release, including Nendoroid Dead Master: TV Animation version, Nendoroid Ultimate Madoka, and … Nendoroid Mikudayo, perhaps?

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Nendoroid Tsukuyomi Sasami is Available for Pre-Order and Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Tsukuyomi Sasami

The colored prototype of Nendoroid Tsukuyomi Sasami from the anime series Sasami-san@Ganbaranai becomes official today as she is available for pre-order and got the preview treatment by Mikatan.

“I’ll stay just as unmotivated as ever today.”
From the anime series ‘Sasami-san@Ganbaranai’ comes a Nendoroid of the shut-in main character, Sasami Tsukuyomi!

She comes with three different expressions including a gentle smile, a panicky embarrassed face and a sleepy expression! The tassel of her nightcap is fitted with a joint for some extra posing options, and the nightcap can also be completely removed! She even comes with an attachable strand of sticking-up hair to complete her cute curly-haired look when not wearing the hat!

Special parts are also included to display her sitting with her laptop on her knees! Other optional parts such as headphones and her ‘Brother Surveillance Tool’ are also included, allowing you to recreate a number of scenes from the series! Be sure to take great care of Sasami-san, just as her brother would!

Three nice expressions, a removable night cap, headphones, and the so-called “Brother Surveillance Tool” are the main features of this Nendoroid, aside from her unique outfit – pajamas!

She will be released on August, bearing 3800 Yen price tag.

Are you going to get her as well, Nendonesian?

via GSC, Mikatan’s blog

Surprise: Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo is Announced!

Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo

Surprise! The creepy cute uniquely-looking Mikudayo is getting the cherry blossom treatment similar to her “sister”, as Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo is announced today, on April 1st.

Nendoroid Mikudayo with a cherry blossom theme!
Sakura Mikudayo is a special version of Nendoroid Mikudayo with a special cherry blossom-themed image!
Mikudayo herself was carefully involved with all the details and colors used to perfect this beautiful version of Nendoroid Mikudayo!

She comes with both her standard expression that suits the start of April perfectly, as well as a beautiful standard expression that shows that Spring has begun!
It’s a figure you’d best enjoy on this special day of the year!

Yep, she is pretty much Nendoroid Mikudayo in cherry blossom theme – nothing more. However, if you are really curious about it, you might want to take a look at the in-depth preview of her by Mikatan.

Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo

This Nendoroid will be displayed at GSC x Karaoke Tetsujin Cafe today from 11:00 until 21:00 JST.

Thinking of getting her? Well, she is scheduled to be released this month with the price tag of approximately 3939 Yen and her pre-order will be available …. sometimes in the future.

via GSC, Mikatan’s blog