Quick Review of Nendoroid Sakura Miku by Mikatan

Nendoroid Sakura Miku

Nendoroid Sakura Miku will be released by the end of this week, so naturally, Mikatan is doing a quick review of this Nendoroid.

Here are the parts and accessories:

The parts and accessories

Comparison with Sakura Miku charm:

Comparison with Sakura Miku charm

… and more pics are available on Mikatan’s blog, so pay a visit there if you are interested.

Anyway, Nendoroid Sakura Miku is slated for release on March 9th, the “Miku day”. XD

via Mikatan’s blog


3 comments on “Quick Review of Nendoroid Sakura Miku by Mikatan

  1. kasumikonata says:

    She all mine.. She comes with so much! I can’t wait her to come! ^^

  2. […] The creepy cute uniquely-looking Mikudayo is getting the cherry blossom treatment similar to her “sister”, as Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo is announced today, on April […]

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