Nendonesia Weekly InstaPicks #6

Weekly InstaPicks


We are going to pick ten Nendoroid photos tagged with #nendonesia from Instagram to be featured in the Nendonesia Weekly InstaPicks series, alongside the other series – Nendonesia Weekly Photo Picks.

So why do we separate the InstaPhotos from the rest of our photo channels? Well, because the rate of photo submission from Instagram is extremely high – in fact there are more than 1,000 photos tagged with #nendonesia at the moment, and it keeps increasing everyday. XD

How to get picked?

In order to participate, simply tag your Nendoroid photos with #nendonesia in Instagram. Isn’t it easy? ^^

Oh, and note that we don’t always pick new photos – we will browse through gallery of photos with #nendonesia tag, so if you have tagged some of your photos in the past, that posts might still have the chance to be featured here.

Well then, here are the InstaPicks for this week.

Don't worry, Nagato-chan!

“Don’t worry, Nagato-chan!” by @fatechan_t

Princess Feena and her loyal butler

“Princess Feena and her loyal butler” by @desyagnes

Library is a paradise for Tooko-chan

“Library is a paradise for Tooko-chan” by @andresargueta09

Love is in the air

“Love is in the air” by @alictoya

My generation!

“My generation!” by @k_gavanansa

Twintail Erio

“Twintail Erio” by @franzellaj

The king of jungle

“The king of jungle” by @we_are_n4k4m4

Happy Chinese New Year

“Happy Chinese New Year” by @elynloa0819

Live with no regrets

“Live with no regrets” by @rin_kuroyuki

Suika ga suki desu ka?

“Suika ga suki desu ka?” by @allgroassai

Well, what do you think about those entries, Nendonesian? ^^

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