Nendoroid Minami Kana is Available for Pre-Order;

Nendoroid Minami Kana

Pardon me to make this post separately, although she is available for pre-order at the same time with the other two, but I have to do it as I have been waiting for this Nendoroid for years! XD

*ahem* Anyway, yes, Nendoroid Minami Kana from Minami-ke is finally announced!

The troublemaker of the Minami household!
The 4th season of the Minamike anime is now airing, and the manga is still being serialized and is just as popular as ever! The Nendoroid series of Minamike is also getting bigger, as Kana Minami, the long awaited troublemaker of the Minami household, is also coming to join the Nendoroid family!

She is wearing her school uniform and also includes a school bag, allowing you to display her on her way to school. She also comes with three different expressions – her standard triumphant expression, a smiling expression and even the realistic expression she sometimes shows in the series!

A small kitchen set is also included to help you recreate even more scenes from the series!

The mischevous Kana will be produced by Gift, scheduled for June 2013 and priced at 3800 Yen.

Nendoroids of Minami-ke

Alongside Kana is Nendoroid Minami Chiaki who is also getting a re-release at the same month, and Nendoroid Minami Haruka who will also be announced shortly.

So … are you getting these Nendoroids from Minami family?

via GSC (link #1, link #2)

Psst … the sculptor for Nendoroid Minami Kana and Haruka is Yoshio (LAUGH) who, if I am not mistaken, has also made the garage kit of Nendoroid Ayanami Rei. Will we also see her soon? XD

3 comments on “Nendoroid Minami Kana is Available for Pre-Order;

  1. bluebenz2005 says:

    I will order those 2 older sisters with no doubts! Can’t get Curry song out of my head!

  2. kasumikonata says:

    Council tax or nendoroids? NOT ENOUGH MONEY T.T I need them…

  3. […] to Nendoroid Minami Kana, this Nendoroid will also be handled by Gift, scheduled for July release and priced at 3800 […]

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