Nendoroid Nishizumi Miho is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Nishizumi Miho

Nendoroid Nishizumi Miho from the series GIRLS und PANZER finally appears in full-colored prototype and she has already undergone Mikatan’s preview treatment.

She will bring along her headphone, a binocular, as well as a rideable tank’s turret and gun. However, the trade-off is that she only gets two expressions: normal/smiling and shouting face.

A companion 1/35 model kit tank will be available courtesy of PLATZ, and obviously, Miho can ride on the tank as well.

More info (and pics) of this Nendoroid can be found on Mikatan’s blog. Oh, and she will be available for pre-order starting on January 29th.

via Mikatan’s blog

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