Nendoroid 261: Hatsune Miku – Yukata version (Updated)

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata version

Technically, there are two edition of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata version. The first edition was released during the 39’s CARAVAN Hakkeijima event back then on September 2012, while the other one was sold through web pre-order and scheduled for this month’s release.

Note: This review is written based on the event edition of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata version.

Original Illustration

Original illustration

The original artwork for this Yukata Miku is illustrated by PuchiDevil [ぷちでびる]. The unique double-sided high buns hairstyle combined with a cute Yukata are the main interesting points of this version of Hatsune Miku.

Well then, let’s see how the Nendoroid fared against the original illustration.

Box Design

The packaging

Similar to the other box design of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku variants (and other Vocaloid characters), there are grids printed on the box, although this time the color theme is blue and pink/purple.

Parts and Accessories

Parts and accessories

Here is the listing of the parts and accessories included in the package:

  • Three faceplates (one is attached)
  • Two left arms (one is attached)
  • Two right arms (one is attached)
  • One additional right hand holding a small bag
  • Two fans (big and small)

Not too shabby for 3000-Yen package, although it would be better if they included a sitting part like Nendoroid Yune and a bit more body parts like the similarly priced Nendoroid Makise Kurisu.

Photo Gallery: Default Pose

The default pose (front view)

The default pose (side view)

The default pose (rear view)

The lovely optional expressions:

Embarassed expression

Chibi expression

Too cute! \(≧∇≦)/

Features Highlight

The hairbuns

The twin hairbuns are simply too adorable. In fact, that is one of the main interest point of this Nendoroid … for me, at least. ( ̄▽ ̄)

The small fan

This small-sized fan is used as an accessory to be put on Miku’s back. Doesn’t it look really cute?

The outfit

In my own personal opinion, all of those features are really close enough to the original artwork as well. Look at the details of the pattern on the yukata and the fans – they are incredibly detailed and neatly reproduced in Nendoroid form!

Photo Gallery: Playtime!

Rin-san is introducing Yukata Miku-san to the others:

Rin and Miku

Swapping head with Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Family Mart version:

Famima Miku x Yukata Miku

Don’t they look cute there? \(≧∇≦)/

Miku-san and little HMO-chan

Wow, she looks very adorable in that outfit! \(≧∇≦)/

Psst … the little Petite HMO-chan should be getting a review shortly! ヽ(´▽`)/

Score and Conclusion

These are my personal score for Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata version:

  • Design: 9 / 10 – Her outfit and hairstyle design look refreshing compared to the usual twin-tailed Miku, not to mention that they are adorable as well!
  • Expression: 9 / 10 – Her embarrassed and chibi face are overloaded with cuteness. Now if only they replaced the normal/standard face with something else, it would be perfect!
  • Playability: 8 / 10 – Lack of twintails means that we will not be able to get her to stand without the stand base, although it is hardly a deal-breaker.
  • Price: 8 / 10 – I have no idea about the quality of the web pre-order version, but if it has the same feel and quality as the event version, then this Nendoroid is quite decently priced at 3000 Yen.

Well, Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata version is a cute and refreshing Nendoroid with her twin-buns hairstyle replacing the usual twin-tails. Add it into the mix of lovely outfit and accessories, including a decent pricing and I can safely conclude that you will get a nice Nendoroid package here. XD

Yukata Miku

Thank you to StephenAQ for lending me the Nendoroid so that I can do this review. The review will be updated once I get my hands-on the web pre-order version later this month.

So … what do you think, Nendonesian? How many of you are anticipating this Nendoroid?

Oh … and have you seen this custom Nendoroid Yukata Miku and her companion summer playset?

Yukata Miku + Summer Set

Anyway, please excuse me for a moment as I have to search for Super Sonico-san there … ヽ(*゚д゚)ノ

9 comments on “Nendoroid 261: Hatsune Miku – Yukata version (Updated)

  1. Eiko says:

    I can’t wait to get my Nendoroid Miku Yukata version. She looks super adorable and I think I prefer the twin buns over her usual twintails.

    That custom made Nendoroid Yukata Miku is amazing!! Absolutely stunning. I love the display she comes with. I wonder how the creator made that.

  2. stella0916 says:

    Thanks for adding more pictures! :3

    I’m also waiting for this cute Miku! >.<

  3. kasumikonata says:

    She’s just too cute!!! Mine shipped today!!! ^^ I hope she comes in time for my birthday!!! Without custom charges… Hopefully!!!

  4. KawaiiPerson says:

    Where can u get the custom designed summer festival playset!? I’ve been searching for it everywhere but I can’t find it at all!!! I need answers NOW!!! 😦

  5. […] you see the last pic in our review of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata version? Yes, that custom Nendoroid Yukata Miku wearing the yellow-ish yukata can now be examined in a […]

  6. sheng says:

    wow that summer playset is just awesome! lovin that custom Yukata Miku ❤

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