Take A Peek at Nendoroid Sakura Miku’s Production

The new staff at GSC’s web team visited their factory in China to take a look at the production of Nendoroid Sakura Miku (and probably Nendoroid Snow Miku: Ichigo Shiromuku version too!).

Here is their report for that trip.

Checking the production sample of Nendoroid Sakura Miku

Nendoroid Sakura Miku

Nendoroid Sakura Miku

Shelves full of Nendoroid in the office!

Nendoroid shelves

Kindly see more pics at the source page below.

Nendoroid Sakura Miku is currently scheduled for March (9th?) 2013 release.

(Thanks for the news tip, Allgroasai!)

via Blog-Shinotsu

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