Nendoroid Kagamine Twins Append version are Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Kagamine Len and Rin Append version

Nendoroid Kagamine Rin: Append version and Nendoroid Kagamine Len: Append version are the first Nendoroid previewed by Mikatan on 2013. The Append version of these Kagamine twins have been teased since a few weeks ago, when they were still no more than uncolored prototypes.

Append Rin and Len will come with three faceplates: both of them have the smiling and winking expressions and one unique face for each. Rin will get the begging expression while Len will have the confident expression.

A special arm, stand, and a Append-themed background board will also be included for us to display them together. See them in action on Mikatan’s blog!

… oh, and both of them will be up for preorder from January 8th!

via Mikatan’s blog

2 comments on “Nendoroid Kagamine Twins Append version are Previewed by Mikatan

  1. Rika says:

    Just Preordered both of them from Good Smile! Can’t wait for the June Release <3<3

  2. […] Append version of Nendoroid Kagamine twins have been previewed by Mikatan yesterday, and they are available for pre-order starting […]

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