Nendonesia Award 2012: The Nominees (Part 1)

The end of 2012 is approaching fast and we are already looking forward to the next year. That said, we would like to take a look back to the Nendoroid releases for this year.

Yep, we have prepared a few categories for Nendonesia Award 2012, which picks up the best Nendoroid out of all Nendoroid releases in 2012. Now, we need your help to decide which one of those deserve the awards.

The polls will be closed on January 5th, 2013 (23:59 GMT+7).

Well then, here are the nominees … *drum rolls*

Nendonesia Award 2012: Best Male Nendoroid

Nendonesia Award 2012: Best Female Nendoroid

Nendonesia Award 2012: Best Non-Human Nendoroid

Nendonesia Award 2012: Best Series

Thank you for your participation, Nendonesian!

There are a few more categories, including ones for Petites that will be available in the Part 2 of this post. Stay tuned! XD

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