Special Base for Nendoroid #300 Campaign

Special bases for Nendoroid 300 campaign

In order to commemorate Nendoroid #300 anniversary, Good Smile Company is announcing a surprise campaign:

For every purchase of some Nendoroids released on December 2012 and January 2013 at Good Smile Online Shop, get a special base, which is chosen randomly out of three options.

Yes, you have to pre-order or purchase any of the specified Nendoroids at Good Smile Online Shop between December and January to get any of these bases:

  • Base A: grass
  • Base B: classroom floor
  • Base C: road

Anyway, here are the list of Nendoroid that will get the special base:

  • Nendoroid Kusugawa Sasara: Valkyrie version and Nendoroid Petite Maryan
  • Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai
  • Nendoroid Akaza Akari
  • Nendoroid Hakase
  • Nendoroid Haramura Nodoka
  • Nendoroid Kazanari Tsubasa
  • Nendoroid GUMI
  • Nendoroid Aozaki Aoko
  • Nendoroid Alice Margatroid
  • Nendoroid Saber: Zero version

Some example usage of these bases:

Saber Lion with Special Base A

Super Sonico with Special Base B

Saber Zero with Special Base C

Well, what do you think about the campaign, Nendonesian? Are you interested with any of these special bases?

via Nendoroid300 and Twitter

12 comments on “Special Base for Nendoroid #300 Campaign

  1. Breezy says:

    Honestly I can’t see myself having a use for them…they’re pretty bland.

  2. astroerio says:

    Yay I get one coz I preordered Mirai but I have no idea what to do with the base I get… I hope I don’t get classroom floor >.<

    • astroerio says:

      ANYTHING.. but classroom floor!!!
      But hey for not wanting it i’ll probably get it – that normally happens… But my birthday is soon so.. Actually I don’t know how that would help…

  3. andresargueta says:

    I think all those nendoroids include the extra base not just the purchased on the online shop, I still haven’t gotten hakase cause im waiting for akari so they can be shipped together but on Hobby search you can see hakase’s plastic package has a square black plastic bag behind the table so i think that might be it… I hope they all bring it ^_^

  4. Ventusse says:

    no Yuyuko??? how cruel….

  5. Momo says:

    i normally dislike those big clunk bases but if they have design on them maybe i cood stomac displaying one ^_^ mainly for my sonicooo X3

  6. Ridley says:

    So to get a “free” special base, you have to pay MSRP and 2000 shipping… yeah.. the average 2000 yen cost difference between GSC online shop and amiami after shipping makes me really not to want one of those bases.

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