Is This Nendoroid’s New Faceplate System?

New faceplate system?

One thing I like the most about Nendoroid is their interchangability. Swap a Nendoroid’s face with other Nendoroid’s face, give her another Nendoroid’s body, and ta-da! You have created a brand new Nendoroid of your own! There are just so many kinds of combinations enough to make Nendoroids so much fun to play with. Here is an example: Totori with Sena’s faceplate that gives her another level of cuteness IMHO. XD

Totori + Sena

Well, the “faceplate” might be taken out of this feature in the future, as GSC has just showed their plan to change the faceplate model for the future Nendoroid in their Nico Nico broadcast earlier.

It seems that the new system are proposed in order to minimize the cases of broken neck joints (and to save cost, perhaps). The new system incorporates the neck as part of the Nendoroid’s body. Sadly, backward compatibility with older Nendoroids have not been discussed yet – this is my main concern, so I do hope GSC give it a deep thought before they implement the new system into future Nendoroids.

So what do you think about it, Nendonesian? Are you okay with the new system or against it for some reason?


11 comments on “Is This Nendoroid’s New Faceplate System?

  1. neko8124 says:

    Well this happened with the old faceplates do to size changes ….but at least you could still use the body …. I hope they just keep the peg system some how and the idea does make it a lot easier to change so will see i guess …. i rarely interchange my faceplates anyways so it won’t affect me to much

  2. arachni42 says:

    I love interchanging them, so I do hope for backwards compatibility.

  3. astroerio says:

    Don’t like it at all

  4. Nicole Wagner says:

    This is like the first ever Nendoroid, Neko Arc. Her neck was attached to her body and you puts popped the face-plates on and off the neck area. or slippe dit on top of the peg. Either way, her faceplate tends to have a horrible problem of popping off when you least expect it! I did not like that system what so-ever… and the current system is just so much easier and more stable! I can only hope for backwards compatibility or that this system is never used (or just used for ONE nendoroid).

  5. Metsune says:

    My first nendo(BRS) have 2 broken face joints ;(.I think it’s geat idea,of course if there still way to change face with old nendoroids,
    Sorry for my bad english.

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  7. roo-kun says:

    here is the problem:
    1. we cant change the joints if the neck is broken
    2. we can’t interchange faceplate between the old and new generation
    the latest part is saddening news to the nendoroid fans like me
    well.. i hope that the neck can be removed as well tho…

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