Special Website to Celebrate Nendoroid no.300 is Open

Nendoroid series

Nendoroid Gumako‘s #200 numbering was just given away last year, and here we are now looking toward Nendoroid #300. Time sure flies away quickly, huh? XD

Anyway, it seems that GSC is going to celebrate this milestone and throw a “party” to reveal what character will be given the honor to be GSC’s 300th Nendoroid.

Here is the special microsite made specifically for this occassion: http://nendoroid300.goodsmile.info

Currently, the most interesting stuff is the Nendoroid Quiz section, which test our knowledge about Nendoroid. The “practice” quiz is already available now, providing you with 5 random questions with 3 answer options. I Google-Translated the quiz page to challenge it earlier.

Visit this page: http://nendoroid300.goodsmile.info/quiz_top.html if you are interested to test your knowledge on Nendoroid. XD

Anyway, what is your guess about who is going to be Nendoroid #300, Nendonesian?

(Thanks for the news tip, Kendric Koh!)

via Nendoroid300

12 comments on “Special Website to Celebrate Nendoroid no.300 is Open

  1. whocares says:

    some stupid miku variant probably.

  2. A gumako variant would be unsurprising.

  3. MagnAvaloN says:

    Maybe it will be another mascot for GSC besides Gumako? Well, hoping the 300th Nendoroid to be something unexpected. 😀

  4. daniel94 says:

    Leonidas nendoroid

    • animaster says:

      Nice guess there. I cannot imagine how Leonidas would look like as a Nendoroid.
      If he’s too cute, then it’s not Sparta-enough. Make him less adorable and it won’t be called a Nendoroid. XD

  5. Nicole Wagner says:

    <.< I have my fingers crossed for a new Neco Arc as being Nendoroid #300. I always wanted one and still really, really want one! I'll even settle for a Neco Chaos if they choose to make him #300. Or… *gasp* What if they pick Sailor Moon to be #300, as she is getting a new anime next year! So many possibilities!

  6. Erald Coil says:

    Maybe it’ll be Wooser or something, Goodsmile has been promoting that mascot for some time now… Or could be another Miku, anything who knows 😀

  7. whocares says:

    No, no, I got it. nendoroid #300 is Mikudayo shiny edition.

    I still want a Charlotte nendoroid…

  8. […] mystery of what character is going to be the Nendoroid #300 has been resolved, thanks to the live Nico Nico […]

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