Goodsmile’s Upcoming Lottery Prizes are Revealed

Goodsmile Kuji: Prize A and B

Yep, it seems that the rumor is true after all: the 30cm-tall Nendoroid Jumbo Miku and Santa Miku will be available as Goodsmile’s Christmas Lottery event Prize A and B, respectively.

Interestingly, the other lottery prizes have also been revealed. See them all after the break – and prepare your wallet. 😄

Goodsmile Kuji: Prize C and D

Aww … it seems that Nendoroid Petite: Vocaloid Append set will be available as Prize C here … and I thought this set would be available as a standard-run. ( ╥ ﹏╥)

Goodsmile Kuji: Prize E

Goodsmile Kuji: Prize F

Goodsmile Kuji: Prize G

The lottery event will start on December 4th and more information is going to be available on starting Thursday.

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? 😄

(Thanks for the news tip, Allgroasai!)

via Tieba Baidu


12 comments on “Goodsmile’s Upcoming Lottery Prizes are Revealed

  1. stephen says:

    B prize is hatsune miku santa

    what’s on A prize?


  3. ladyusada says:

    Do you have any information yet on where the lottery is being held? I hope to goodness it’s not a convenience store again… And why do they torture us by holding the kuji from 10 am on a Tuesday!? I can’t skip work for this, darn it. TT

  4. Erald Coil says:

    ugh, want them 😦 probably wont get them ahh this is nothing good to smile about 😀

  5. Decchan says:

    Actually, it looks like the Santa Miku isn’t Petit – it’s just Nendoroid Santa Miku, regular size.

    Which means it comes with a regular Nendo-sized chimney and Santa hat :V

  6. […] Time: 3rd Period … although we have mostly known what they are going to cover there, ahead of the broadcast. […]

  7. You can’t enter overseas right? D:

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