Nendonesia Surabaya 5th Gathering Report

Nendonesia Surabaya 5th Gathering

Well, I was about to write a report for Nendonesia Surabaya 6th Gathering report, but I realized that I have not even done the 5th Gathering report. XD

So … here we go – Nendonesia Surabaya 5th Gathering was held early this year on January 8, 2012, located at our favorite gathering venue in Surabaya, i.e Food Loft, Grand City Mall.

Note: Photos are courtesy of me, Raintive_Orion, and Avalonexa.

The gathering participants consist of some familiar faces, i.e: those who have attended our previous gatherings, as well as some new attendees.

Having fun

This time, we did not have any special activities except the grand photo session. The participants could either play with their (or others’) Nendoroid or chat and discuss anything with the other participants.


Miku on airplane!


Nendoroid Racing Miku: 2011 version

W-w-what are you looking at?

Having fun

Nendoroid boxes were scattered everywhere … XD

Scattered Nendoroid boxes

Say cheese~!


Say cheese!

Maid Miku

Some folks also brang their figma and other figurines there.

Figma and others

Miniature stuff for additional decoration. XD

Miniature stuff


Neko pose!?

Totori is enjoying a cup of tea

Having fun

Miku and Miku

Full concentration! XD

Theia decided to try the airplane!


…. and time for a grand photosession! We lined up our Nendoroid onto a stack of cases to take a pic of all Nendoroid together. XD

Grand photosession






Grand photosession!

Last but not least, we also took a commemorative photo of all participants!

Gathering participants

Thank you for attending the gathering, Nendonesian! I apologize for any inconveniences in the gathering (if any).

Special thanks to Raintive_Orion and Avalonexa for the documentation photos; Rendoroid, kuroneko85, and azurefox for helping me to organize the event. XD

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