Prototypes of Nendoroid Rin + Wooser are Spotted

Nendoroid Rin and Wooser

Wooser no Sono Higurashi is a 3D short anime featuring Wooser, a mysterious mascot character whose charming appearance belies a corrupted heart that craves money, meat, and girls. The main characters of this anime/manga are Rin and (obviously) Wooser, who will get the Nendoroid rendition of their own.

We know nothing more about them, so I guess we can only wait for GSC to announce Nendoroid Rin annd Wooser properly – hopefully soon.

Well, what do you think about them, Nendonesian? Getting interested? XD

(Thanks for the news tip, Allgroasai!)

Nendoroid Super Sonico: Tiger Parka version is Released

Nendoroid Super Sonico: Tiger Parka version

After she got her release delayed from last month, Nendoroid Super Sonico: Tiger Parka version is finally released today in Japan. Yes, some folks have already gotten their hands on the new Nendoroid and they wasted no time to mix-match her around with the other Nendoroid.

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Nendoroid Petite: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Set is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Petite: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Set

I am pretty sure that I saw a photo of the prototype a few weeks ago, but well, anyway, here you go – Nendoroid Petite: New Japan Pro-Wrestling set has reached Mikatan’s desk for some preview photo session.

This Petite set consists of real Japanese pro-wrestlers, i.e: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Satoshi Kojima, and Hiroyoshi Tenzan. A golden championship belt is included and you can attach it to any of these three wrestlers. Tenzan’s mask can also be removed to expose his real face, if you want it that way.

In addition to those optional parts, this Petite set will also come with a half wresting ring. Yes, you can create a full ring if you get two of these Petite sets.

Another version with alternative ring and pants

There are two different versions of this Petite set – the one in the pic is the Karuwaza Online Limited version, which features an alternate (GSC themed) ring and pants for each of the characters.

Both versions of Nendoroid Petite: New Japan Pro-Wrestling set will be available for pre-order on around mid-December.

Any of you getting the Petite set(s)? XD

via Mikatan’s blog

Nendoroid Koujirou Frau Shows Her Face

Nendoroid Koujirou Frau

Mikatan showed us the rear view of Nendoroid Koujirou Frau last week, but now we can see her face clearly, albeit without color yet.

Personally, I like how her expression looks like staring at me sharply. How about you, Nendonesian? What do you think about this Nendoroid from Robotic;Notes?

(Thanks for the news tip, Allgroasai!)

Nendoroid Fate Testarossa: Blaze Form Edition is Previewed by Mikatan

Nendoroid Fate Testarossa: Blaze Form Edition

Nendoroid Fate Testarossa: Blaze Form Edition is finally announced and previewed by Mikatan today. The prototype of this fully posable Nendoroid was supposed to feature in the Summer WonFes. Her design is based on Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A’s.

Fate will bring along her trusty intelligent device, Bardiche in Assault Zanber form, nonetheless. She will also come with three expressions: default (smiling), shouting, and closed eyes. Her cape can be moved around to the left and right, but you can also remove it if you want to display her without her cape.

Nendoroid Fate Testarossa: Blaze Form Edition will be up for pre-order on November 29th.

Are you going to get her, Nendonesian? XD

Oh, and by the way …

Design for Nendoroid Yagami Hayate

Yes, Nendoroid Yagami Hayate will be joining Nanoha and Fate shortly! How’s that, Nanoha fans? XD

via Mikatan’s blog

Special Website to Celebrate Nendoroid no.300 is Open

Nendoroid series

Nendoroid Gumako‘s #200 numbering was just given away last year, and here we are now looking toward Nendoroid #300. Time sure flies away quickly, huh? XD

Anyway, it seems that GSC is going to celebrate this milestone and throw a “party” to reveal what character will be given the honor to be GSC’s 300th Nendoroid.

Here is the special microsite made specifically for this occassion:

Currently, the most interesting stuff is the Nendoroid Quiz section, which test our knowledge about Nendoroid. The “practice” quiz is already available now, providing you with 5 random questions with 3 answer options. I Google-Translated the quiz page to challenge it earlier.

Visit this page: if you are interested to test your knowledge on Nendoroid. XD

Anyway, what is your guess about who is going to be Nendoroid #300, Nendonesian?

(Thanks for the news tip, Kendric Koh!)

via Nendoroid300

Hatsune Miku’s Time: 3rd Period Live Broadcast Screencaps

GSC x Karaoke no Tetsujin Cafe

Mikatan and her co-host, along with representatives from SEGA, Crypton, Famitsu, and Family Mart were having a live Nico Nico broadcast earlier, dubbed as Hatsune Miku’s Time: 3rd Period … although we have mostly known what they are going to cover there, ahead of the broadcast. XD

Nevertheless, the broadcast was fun and entertaining, and we’ve got some screencaps to share with you here.

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Nendoroid Senomiya Akiho is Available for Pre-Order; AR Costume is Revealed

Nendoroid Senomiya Akiho

Nendoroid Senomiya Akiho from ROBOTIC;NOTES has been previewed by Mikatan a few days ago, so what’s left is for her to be open for pre-order, which is done today. XD

GSC has put up the official page for her and it also reveals some interesting info (read: the AR app).

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Goodsmile’s Lottery Website Open; Prizes Announced Officially

The website's banner

As promised, Goodsmile’s lottery website is now open, featuring their first campaign dubbed as GSC Lottery: Hatsune Miku 2012 Winter version. We have already known about these previously, but it will not hurt to take another look at the official pics and announcement, right? XD

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