Disgaea D2 is Announced: Momentum for Nendoroid Flonne and Etna?

Disgaea Dimension 2

If you are a fan of games made by Nippon Ichi Software (NIS), you should have known that Disgaea Dimension 2 (a.k.a Disgaea D2), the direct sequel of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, is coming to PlayStation 3 next year.

So … how is it related to Nendoroid? Does the limited edition contain some sort of Nendoroid or Petite bonus?

Nope, the limited edition of this upcoming Disgaea game does not have any Nendoroid or Petites. So why do I post this news?

*Ahem* I just want to say that there might be a slight hope that Phat Company will not abandon both Nendoroid Flonne and Nendoroid Etna, whose prototypes were seen on last year’s WonFes. I hope that the Nendoroid duo will be released sometimes around the release date of Disgaea D2 – March 20th, 2013.

Prototypes of Nendoroid Flonne and Etna

If I remember correctly, Phat has just released some figmas whose prototypes were initially shown two years prior. XD

Anyway, here is the old character design as seen in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness – perhaps used as the base design for the Nendoroid:

Old character design

… and here is the new character design that will be used in Disgaea D2:

New character design

Hmmm … Nendoroid Laharl will not look bad, either. In fact, I really hope that Phat will consider including the protagonist into the Nendoroid line-up.

So … what do you think, Nendonesian? Have you been waiting for Nendoroid Flonne and Etna too?

9 comments on “Disgaea D2 is Announced: Momentum for Nendoroid Flonne and Etna?

  1. Nicole Wagner says:

    AmiAmi posted up the Limited Edition game packaging, and it states the LE version of the game will come with two figures. They do not list them as Nendoroids, just figures. So this is a somewhat good sign, as it would be easier for people to get the Nendoroids of them! 😀

  2. neko8124 says:

    Okay so figuring out the Yen amount 10000 for a game and 2 nendoroids is super cheap ….a game usually cost 6500 JPY and a nendo 3500 JPY so that would mean one is for free hummmmmmmmm

    • animaster says:

      …. but the limited edition of Disgaea D2 does not include any Nendoroid – it is not mentioned in the post either. XD

      • neko8124 says:

        Yeah I tired to look for it and couldn’t find anything ^^

      • Nicole Wagner says:

        They just mention “Figures” in the limited edition packaging for the game. Not Nendoroids. This means they nendoroids will be released separate from the game, if at all. ^^; That is what I meant by it will be easier for people to get Nendoroids of the girls if they come out! They will not have to buy the game, which could not be played in certain regions.

  3. ney says:

    It’ll be the right moment for FREEing to do an annoucement about the release of these nendoroid 😛

  4. […] finally available for pre-order! *phew* It took them more than two years to color the prototype. So my hunch is correct, after all. […]

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