Nendoroid Asuna is Spotted; Kirito’s Nendoroid Design is Revealed! (Update: Closer Look)

Nendoroid Asuna

GSC’s booth in Dengeki Bunko Autumn 2012 has revealed several interesting news, particularly from last season’s highly-rated anime Sword Art Online.

Yep, Nendoroid Asuna, whose design was revealed on the last WonFes, is now completely painted and ready for some action. Nothing has been revealed yet, save for her sword, and … is it just me seeing that she is kinda similar to Nendoroid Suenaga Mirai? XD

Design for Nendoroid Kirito

In any case, the spotlight is not entirely for Nendoroid Asuna there, because the design for Nendoroid Kirito is also revealed, meaning that he will join Asuna soon enough.

Well, what do you think, Nendonesian? ^^

Update: More pics of Nendoroid Asuna are available!

(Thanks for the news tip, avalonexa and Oni Shameimaru)

Front view (face)

Front view (armor/body)

Side view

These pics are courtesy of

9 comments on “Nendoroid Asuna is Spotted; Kirito’s Nendoroid Design is Revealed! (Update: Closer Look)

  1. Nyan says:


  2. Cloudedmind says:

    Just watched the anime in one sitting, so looking forward to both of these.

  3. will says:

    When can I buy this nendoroid from nendonesia? And how to buy nendoroid from nendonesia web?

    • animaster says:

      Unfortunately, this Nendoroid has not been on sale yet. In fact, it is still not available for pre-order yet.

      That said, Nendonesia does not sell any Nendoroid … at least for the time being. XD

  4. Calints says:

    The hair color and eye color are really look a like nendoroid Mirai , but i LIKE IT!!!! (^0^)

  5. neko8124 says:

    Yessss finally Kirito a male character gets justice I hate how only female characters geta nendoroid and the males get left out in the cold GSC make more male figures …..I started watching the anime now it is really good

  6. […] have already seen the colored prototype of Nendoroid Asuna from Sword Art Online (SAO) a few days ago, and now she is […]

  7. […] GSC will have more surprises (read: prototypes) for us to see in the event later today. I guess Nendoroid Kirito will be one of the Nendoroid to debut in the event. […]

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