Nendonesia Weekly Photo Picks #4

Weekly Photo Picks


In weekly basis, we are going to pick ten or more photos from our photo channels to be featured in the Nendonesia Weekly Photo Picks series. As the series title suggests, we will choose the featured photos every week.

Note that we don’t always pick new photos – we will browse through the galleries of those channels, so if you have posted some photos in the past, you might still have the chance to be featured. XD

How to get picked?

In order to participate, you have to submit your Nendoroid photos from these channels:

  • Facebook: Post your photos to our Facebook page, post a comment mentioning your website URL (if any).
  • Twitter: Tag your photos with #nendonesia and mention @nendonesia in your tweets.
  • deviantART: Join our group and submit your photos to the Featured Gallery.
  • Flickr: Join our group and submit your photos into the Group Pool.

Isn’t it easy? Start submitting your photos today and get the chance to be featured. XD

Anyway, here are the featured entries for this week.

Tooko Amano by Shimapan

“Tooko Amano” by Shimapan

So Sleepy by David Sucianto

“So Sleepy” by David Sucianto

Nendoroid + Tiramisu by Abi Yoga P

“Nendoroid + Tiramisu” by Abi Yoga P

Dead Master! by StutieBoom

“Dead Master!” by StutieBoom

Totte by Onihime

“Totte” by Onihime

Nano vs Giant Kyubey by Nicole Wagner

“Nano vs Giant Kyubey” by Nicole Wagner

Lecture by hombre-nuevo

“Lecture” by hombre-nuevo

Sakura Festival by darkm4g

“Sakura Festival” by darkm4g

Lair of Ice Queen by kurodot

“Lair of Ice Queen” by kurodot

I Love Udon by nikicorny

“I Love Udon” by nikicorny

Menma in Focus by shinelikestars

“Menma in Focus” by shinelikestars

Miserable Miku by jen-den1

“Miserable Miku” by jen-den1

Well, what do you think about those entries, Nendonesian? Which entries are your favorite? ^^

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