Happy (Belated) 2nd Anniversary, Nendonesia and Nendonesian!

A late greeting's never felt good XD

There is nothing like forgetting someone’s birthday – and in this case, it is our very own Nendonesia’s anniversary day, which should be celebrated on July 4th – that’s 2 months overdue! XD

Well, it happened because we were too busy preparing stuff for Nendonesia Showcase at AFAID 2012. T_T

In any case, as I did in the anniversary post last year, I will share you a few stats of Nendonesia blog.

All-time stats

Due to some technical problems on the server side and migration issue earlier this year, most of our stats was wiped off, so it started anew again since April 2012. T_T

Anyway, now we also have a statistic sheet showing Nendonesia visitors based on country:

All-time country stats

Wow … I have no idea that the blog visitors mostly comes from USA. XD Anyway, we are glad that your interest to Nendoroid is still growing in a steady pace, as seen in both of the stats above.

For the past year, we have done many stuff, such as starting new article series, setting up gatherings, and the most highlighted one is Nendonesia Showcase at AFAID 2012. XD

Nendonesia Showcase @ AFAID 2012

Personally, I am very moved by our efforts for the showcase at AFAID 2012 as it, in my opinion, shows how Nendonesian really cares by contributing your Nendoroid as well as submitting donation to make it all possible. Thank you very much, Nendonesian!

In the end, we want to say:

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Nendonesia and Nendonesian!

Thank you for your contributions, critics, comments, suggestions, and support until now and we hope you will continue to support us in the future, to realize our idea of spreading Nendoroid-love to everyone!

Note: We are planning to set a photocon to celebrate this milestone. Stay tuned! XD

4 comments on “Happy (Belated) 2nd Anniversary, Nendonesia and Nendonesian!

  1. Erald Coil says:

    Happy belated birthday! I love nendonesia, I check it daily 🙂


  2. Nicole Wagner says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Nendonesia! Your blog is my first stop for any new Nendoroid information and releases! Keep up the good work!

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